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Posted by: , 5 Sep 2005 8:34PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Have you heard of a course called 'Aqua foot detox'?

hi there a client has asked me if I do 'Aqua foot detoxes'. I have not heard of this before and wondered if anyone knows the correct title and of any courses. Thank you. Poppy


Rachael Crow
12 Sep 2005 1:12PM

yes a friend of mine does this- its a 'machine' that you sit with your feet in! The 'kit' costs almost £2,000 - my friend is selling hers for £1,500 or nearest offer. if you are interested in buying say you got her number from Rachael and give her a call -Lee on 9414549 or for more info on aqua detox see http://www.aquadetoxuk.com/

13 Sep 2005 6:23PM

Hi Rachael thank you for your reply. I did some research on the internet and have found kits from £200 but the average seems to be £500. It seems a lot of people and businesses sell on the hype of the water changing colour which apparently is not the toxins being released from the body as many clients and buyers are lead to believe but a reaction between the array and water. What it does do, is stimulate the body to detox in its natural way. As with many items, foods, products, services etc we all hear about what it is good at doing but not about the side effects or disadvantages. This I am still researching. Your friends equipment must be quite a professional set up and I'm afraid, way out of my pocket but thank you for letting me know. Poppy
Lisa Hatton
2 Nov 2005 9:30AM

Hello Poppy, I am interested to hear about how you are getting on with your research. Do let us know. Lisa
Vivien Fowler
2 May 2006 9:40AM

Hi Poppy By now you are probably well set up with your detox. If not try Winhealth, they are cheapest by far and very helpful. My insurance also covers this but, I am trying to find insurance for the Zen Chi machine. My insurance which is through FHT is looking into it for me but no luck so far. I would have thought that the aqua detox would have been a stumbling block as it is water with electricity, but there we go! Do you know anything about the zen chi? Vivien
Lisa Hatton
4 May 2006 9:25AM

I've heard the Chi machine is excellent - something about oxygenating the body which helps prevent cancer, also apparently using it for 15 minutes or so is equivalent to walking for an hour. Also half the benefit is gained when the machine stops. there are few versions of the chi machine, i understand the Sun Ancon one is better then the Zen one. let me know if you find anything else about it. Have a fab day! Lisa
Vivien Fowler
4 May 2006 4:23PM

Hi Lisa Thank you for replying. I have already bought the zen machine but got the one with two speeds. Much better if clients are unsure or having some difficulty as they can then go slow. My insurance has just come through - so pleased. I know some people do it without insurance but I am a stickler for doing things correctly. What therapies do you do? Vivien
Lisa Hatton
8 May 2006 10:02AM

Hi Vivien, That's good ot have 2 speeds on the chi machine, enjoy :-) I offer hypnotherapy, NLP coaching and massage. bye for now, Lisa :-)
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