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Posted by: Grace Boateng, 31 Oct 2018 8:52AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

have you received inappropriate massage enquiry request email?

Hello, I received an email recently from a potential client who said he had got my details from the embody website. The first few paragraphs are fine eg about desk job and back and leg stiffness. However in the next paragraph he asks if I provide sensual or manual relief. Another therapist who is also on the embody website got the same email and she is located in about 4 miles from me. I don't want to put his full name as I don't want this post coming up in the public domain if his name is searched for but first name starts with a D. I have forwarded his email to embody as I think he is contacting multiple therapists. I know that there will be people who provide the service that he is looking for but I would like to think that therapists listed with embody do not. Grace


Nicky Dyer
31 Oct 2018 9:04AM

Hi Grace, I had the exact same email. I think I've heard of him before - I think he may have sent me a similar email a few years ago. I have deleted it. He's obviously doing the rounds! Nicky
Natalie Futcher
5 Nov 2018 3:57PM

Hi there I have had the same email to, and I am not on the Embody website. It really upset me. I am just starting up and it just makes you think twice about massaging men. I do have a few male clients but they are either husbands or been recommended
Grace Boateng
6 Nov 2018 1:33PM

Hi Natalie, Sorry to hear that you have been getting similar requests. Please don't let it discourage you because not all potential male clients are like this. It doesn't upset or offend me but irritates and annoys me because if they took the time to look at my website they would see that I only offer massages. It is better that men looking for "non therapeutic" services ask before I actually see them so that I can decline booking them in for a treatment. I don't assume that every potential male client is going to be dodgy. I will ask the reason for them booking a massage. There are a few things that they may say/ask that makes me believe they are not the client for me eg do you do full body massage? ( to this question I will sometimes say I massage everywhere excluding genitals or I may say I massage the back, legs and arms) Do you offer anything else? Do you offer sensual or erotic massage or do you do any extras. I keep my declining statement short by saying "I do not offer the services that you are looking for so I will not be booking you in for a treatment, thank you, good bye" You have the control so if for any reason you are not going to be comfortable seeing a particular client you can always say no.
Gina Kernutt
13 Nov 2018 11:28AM

Hi there, I'm wondering if the man who contacted me a few times recently is the same one that you refer to here? His first name starts with Da and his surname Ki? If this is the same man I feel it may be a good idea to contact all members with him email address so that we can block any email that he may send. Kind regards Gina Kernutt.
Natalie Futcher
13 Nov 2018 11:42AM

I think that is a good idea. The man who wrote to me was Da but I think the surname if I remember was Cr Natalie
Grace Boateng
13 Nov 2018 3:29PM

It's the same person. To get his name swap the first name and surname name of 90's UK singer who had hits with 7 days and Rewind. I think anyone who has been contacted by him should send email to embody so that they aware of him.
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