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Posted by: Luciana Corp, 29 Aug 2011 5:47PM
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Health and Safety Issue when running a small workshop from home

Dear All I am trying to find out information on what I need to be aware of when running a small workshop from home. My home is my home primarily and the workshops thinking about running are very ad hoc (poss 4 per year). I am aware I need insurance cover which I have, and also look at risk assessments, cossh regulations and possibly electrical checks on electrical equipment being used. I was wondering whether I needed to have a first aid kit at hand, fire extinguishes etc. If any one can guide me to a site (which I have been trying to find) or already runs workshops from home and is fully aware of legislation/laws and is happy to share your knowledge I would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Luciana


Bridgette Bradley
29 Aug 2011 6:26PM

Hi, Firstly check with your local council as there laws Are different from place to place. You may find You will need planning permission which will mean You may pay tax on your assets when/if you sell Your home. Also check the government site Called directgov.com I think. Good luck with your new adventure. Bridgette
Amanda Clegg
29 Aug 2011 6:53PM

I would start with the HSE website (Health & Safety Executive. From Health & Safety course my friend runs (for care staff) I would think fire alarm and extinguishers would be essential as part of normal household anyway (small one in the kitchen wiht a fire blanket) and anyone running their own business (or family!) should have done a decent first aid course and have a first aid kit. I'd do a risk assessment looking at quick safe routes out of the house and check the house/contents insurance company is cool about having clients on your premises (it will be an additional premium, but not too much - mine allows no more than 5 a day, to a max of 15 a week, and at their own risk). Worth checking things like trip hazards (stairs, worn carpets, uneven paths) and if necessary point these out to visitors. You might do a disclaimer leaflet as part of your workshop registration. I'd defo have wiring checked if you are uncertain of it anyway, but you only need to get appliances that you are using as part fo the workshop PAT tested. This isn't expensive especially if you can take them in rather than have a home visit, or double up with a friend and get a guy to do a job lot. However, if it's simple things like lamps etc you can do a visual check yourself and document it. Good luck!
Luciana Corp
29 Aug 2011 7:44PM

Thank you for both your replies. x
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