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Posted by: Holly Young, 18 Apr 2012 9:15PM
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Health Care Cash Plan Info required......

Hi, I am investigating whether or not i can offer reflexology as part of a health care cash plan. Does CThA have to be linked with the company that is offering the cash plan? Any info much appreciated! Holli


Amanda Clegg
18 Apr 2012 9:22PM

Hi Holly You'd be better to telephone the CThA office as there's no point posting that question here - it's aimed at discussions between members and CThA don't really pick stuff up from it. Let us know what they say! good luck
Holly Young
18 Apr 2012 9:28PM

Ok will do! I was just testing the waters to see if anyone else had already set something up in the way of health care cash plans. First hand info from experienced therapists is wonderful! I will call them tomorrow and let you know what i find out :)
Victoria Page
19 Apr 2012 1:21PM

Hiya, this has been on my to-do list for some time exploring this avenue so would be interested in hearing any info you find out. Victoria :)
Holly Young
19 Apr 2012 5:37PM

I've been over-run with clients today so will try to find out more tomorrow and post it! Sorry for the delay. Holli
Joy Healey
20 Apr 2012 3:39AM

I was lucky enough to have one of these policies (Healthshield, if I remember correctly) paid for by my employer until recently. However, unfortunately CThA was NOT listed among the recognized bodies. The qualifications which WERE acceptable to them were so obscure (to me!) that I had difficulty finding anyone who had them. I actually posted here asking if anyone had the qualifications and no-one replied. This was for the "massage" section of the policy. I had a dental claim and they paid out promptly. Also BANT was one of the recognized qualifications, so nutritionists registered with BANT would have been fine. I rang the company to ask for help finding practitioners qualified with their required qualifications and they were unable to supply me with a list. I didn't renew the policy (I left the job but had the option to renew the policy.) Joy
Holly Young
2 May 2012 11:34AM

Sorry for delay in replying to the thread! I have just spoken to someone from CThA and they have advised me that the only Health Care Cash Plan that is affiliated with CThA is Health Shield (which may have only recently come into fruition considering the previous post). I have now been asked to forward the information surrounding which cash plan i wish to be recognised through so that CThA can contact them on an individual basis... I will follow this thread up with whatever results i get. Hope this is helping some of you!
Joy Healey
9 May 2012 12:06AM

> previous post Oh well, if that was my posting I'm glad it did some good for someone, although sadly too late for me :-) Joy
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