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Posted by: Hazel Jones, 12 Feb 2014 1:01PM
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heated under blanket

Hi, I am interested in buying a heated under blanket for my couch, has any one got any tips on the best to buy. there advantages and disadvantages, Thanks


Nicki Lee
12 Feb 2014 2:08PM

I've been using them for years, and they're great! For one thing the room doesn't need to be kept quite as warm which is more comfortable for working. I get one that fits a single bed, which fits my table nicely. A few things to be aware of - lots of people love heat but a few don't (particularly people who tend to have hot flushes) so always check. Also check the temp - my new blanket has settings 1-6 (6 is preheat) and 5 has been too warm for several people, and even 4 too warm for one. I got a very nice new one this year at Dunelm Mill, and also saw same for sale in Boots. Also check it regularly to be sure it's in good order, if an wire gets broken someone could be burnt. Nicki
Kathryn Kemp
12 Feb 2014 4:08PM

Hi there Check your Insurance too as I was told I can't use one ;-( Regards Kathy
Kathryn Kemp
12 Feb 2014 4:16PM

Just read the article below, hope it helps: "Standard Electrical heated bed blankets are not designed for the purpose of use on therapy beds and should therefore not be used for this purpose. As you would not be using it in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, you would also not be insured if the product caused an injury to your client or equipment. You need to ensure you purchase a heated blanket specifically designed for use on therapy couches, which are safe to use in therapy treatments." The FHT sell one http://www.fhtonline.co.uk/ProductDetails.aspx?id=316
Julie Williams
13 Feb 2014 7:39AM

Salon Serve (online) sell heated under blankets for therapy use
Nicki Lee
13 Feb 2014 12:04PM

Thanks, Kathryn, I'll have to look into this. Can't imagine what the difference is, as it's still people lying on top of it, though! Can I ask where that article was from? Nicki
Kathryn Kemp
13 Feb 2014 4:39PM

Hi Nicki The article was in the latest FHT mag (p24). Regards Kathy
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