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Posted by: Roushan Martens, 19 Jul 2006 5:10PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Help wanted with replying to cynic!


Jane Smith
20 Jul 2006 11:16AM

Not really quite sure about this, sounds to me like it's someone who doesn't approve and wants to get it stopped! Can't come up with any witty put down I'm afraid except to ask them to justify their own job! Anyway, I can't help with the EFT, but you could try contacting Linda Stokes or Sue Mansel about the ear candles at www.thermo-auricular.com/page5.htm Not sure if they will have academic references like this person seems to want but they might be able to supply you with case studies. Also try The Prince's Foundation for Intergrated Heath - www.fih.org.uk/ Maybe they'll be impressed by the royal connection. Or perhaps you could ask the foundation for a response? Good luck. jane
Roushan Martens
20 Jul 2006 12:13PM

Thanks, that was great. Linda was really helpful, and put me on to someone who can send me research by email. I've also contacted the AMT (why didn't I think of that!). Your help is very much appreciated!
Rona Gray
21 Jul 2006 4:12PM

Similar to jane I thin k the person is not going to be easily convinced. I think there are 2 ways about this....provide evidence...chances are the person will find something to dispute...this happens in physics too! OR be careful what you put in promo material...i am always wary of staing that any treatment (whether massage or paracetamol!) WILL do something....a lot of what we do is open to interpretation and most people who seek treatments will be open to varying degrees of this. I feel happier saying treatment "is helpful with... or can help, may help etc...may sound woolly but there are a lot of variables.....I think people are even more cynical with things mentioning energies or things less concrete...poss the best evidence is to be able to have I have x no of clients who have expereinced improvement etc. Dont know if this is helpful to anyone!!? Rona Gray
Edith Maskell
8 Dec 2006 9:16AM

Hi Apologies for the late response. Just trawling through the Forums this morning and came across this one. Appreciate it's a bit late now for the issue you had at the time. Hope you found the evidence from the research you did. For the future and for the record though, can I suggest that you go to the Advertising Standards Agency website and check them out? It gives a list of claims that you can not make - specifically, you must not state that any CAM treatment deals with, even help,medical condition. Simply because there is little or no (what is formally acceptable)evidence other than acecdotal that our treatmemnts or products we use, are effective. The gentleman who has asked questions may well be a cynic but if he was to make a formal complaint to the ASA about your advertising material, they could easily build a case against you which becomes very public (your details and the case, plastered across their website) and not a nice situation to be in. I follow their website on a weekly basis and there is a definite increase in cases brought against complementary therapists in the last 12 months. They are extremely bullish in their attitude and it only takes one person to make a complaint, for them to bring a case against you, so please be very careful what statements or claims you make in your promotional material. And in a corporate situation where you would have worked very hard to get your foot in the door, you would not want to leave any question marks over anyone's head because once they get twitchy they will not take any chances? And a case like that would lose any possible opportunities of getting in to any other companies. We know these things work but ..... pharmaceutical companies pay millions of pounds for licences to make claims for their drugs in relation to medical conditions.... and have to jump through hoops to get the evidence. Thre are no such licences for CAM therarapies or products. We know the evidence for drugs is sometimes questionable. We also know that what we do is causing no harm but until we can prove it and provide the cynics with the evidence, we need to keep our heads down and dare I suggest, our mouths shut or at least limit what we say when it comes to benefits! We are also under the spotlight at the moment with regulation looming and regulation is about "protection of the public",so we must be seen to be ethical in what claims we make for our work. This is exactly why John and I have been asking practitioners who we know are doing great work out there to get involved in research studies and keep us informed so that we can support in publicising it. With so many multi disciplined members, we are in an ideal position to build that body of evidence that CAM does work and that the practioners are ethical and professional and doing no harm, the sooner we can hold our heads up high, dismiss the cynics and be recognised, valued and taken seriously for our good work. Hope this helps. Kind regards Edith Maskell Chair : Complementary Therapists Association
Angela Rawlins
17 Jan 2007 7:28PM

Hi Edith I've just seen this concern. Is it possible that CThA could put some guidelines and an example for advertising in one of the next magazine issues. Angela Rawlins
Edith Maskell
17 Jan 2007 7:49PM

Hi If you go to the ASA website you will see all the restrictions and general advice about advertising in the health industry - far too many for me to list here. I have written articles but I understand it was decided not to publish as deemed to be too long. If you would like to read it for yourself, my email address is on my webpage. Please contact me privately and I will be happy to forward to you. With kind regards Edith
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