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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 20 Mar 2011 8:03PM
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Hi, its me again. What a wonderful site this is. I am new to massage. I have a client who had hip joint replacement two years or more ago. When massage the top of the thigh (front) I can feel a straight horizontal line of what feels like small peas. I can see the persons scar further up on the back of the hip. Is this interior scar tissue or tight muscles. Sorry for my basic language but I did not want to suggest what muscle as there are so many there. Any ideas welcome.


Helen Albea
20 Mar 2011 10:13PM

Hi, I am not sure what that could be but this may be of help... The usual method of hip replacement surgery causes scar tissue to the vastus medialis & lateralis, glutes and TFL on the side of the hip where you see the scar. Is there any way you can find out more information about what type of hip replacement your client had? as different surgeons use different approaches and it also depends on how the arthritis affected the hip or if the op was due to trauma etc. This is a great website for looking up all things orthopaedic, and it may help you to identify what you are working on. http://www.wheelessonline.com/ortho/total_hip_arthroplasty If you are interested in watching the hip surgery, then you tube has some good videos of the surgery being carried out. It really helps you understand how they get into the joint and patch everything up afterwards.
Jane Hopwood
21 Mar 2011 7:58AM

Hi thanks for that information. I will certainly look at site. Its because its in a straight horizontal line that make me think it is internal scar tissue but it seems to be in a strange place. There is no external scar where I feel the line of peas. Kind regards. Any other comments too would be much appreciated. Jane
Helen Albea
21 Mar 2011 11:52AM

It is a puzzle because its horizontal, otherwise it could be scared ligament or tendon that feels a bit ropey. Is it really high up, as in groin area? because that could possibly be enlarged lymph nodes - though it sounds unlikely. And presumably there's no pain when you palpate them. I'd be really interested to know what you find out. I know a physio who specialises in hip replacements so I will ask her next time I see her and let you know.
Jane Hopwood
24 Mar 2011 7:39AM

Thanks very much. When I next massage this lady I will check this area thoroughly again and reconfirm my findings here. Great help thanks.
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