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Posted by: Ruth Maguire, 19 Feb 2007 8:18PM
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Hits on our Embody listings

Hi is there any way of seeing how many visits our individual listings have had? Thanks Ruth


Joyce Laurie
19 Feb 2007 11:55PM

Hi Ruth How are you? Agree, it would be good if we knew how many hits Embody were getting. I think, though, that it costs to be connected to something like that. Maybe someone can tell us. Regards Joyce
Ruth Maguire
20 Feb 2007 8:51AM

Hi Joyce, I very well thanks. I think that seeing the hits on our listings is going to be the only true reflection of how the embody campaigns are working for us as individuals. There has been a really long thread with some anecdotal evidence of clients coming through the site and it is fabulous to hear that the hits on the Embody site increased during the campaigns. But I really think we need more solid data so that we can make changes to our listings if neccessary and really get the most out of any advertising that's happening. Ruthx
John Dent
20 Feb 2007 9:20AM

Hi, Our system does tell us when anyone clicks on to a member's page. However the IT experts tell me that this is a very unreliable statistic as it includes members check thie own local "rival" members check who is nearby and anyone who clicks and moves on, it is not a good indicator of client interest. On the DT campaign the main contact from readers is by phone through the booklet. Last year there was not a big increase in site hits. When the vioucher dates are completed we will do a full review and let all taking part know. JohnDent
Ruth Maguire
20 Feb 2007 11:58PM

Thanks for your response John. I understand where your "IT experts" are coming from, however from a web marketing point of view and as a member of Embody and participant in the NOTW campaign this information would be really useful. Regards Ruth
Angela Rawlins
26 Mar 2007 3:41PM

Hi Yes I agree. I have a listing on a local business site and it has been helpful. It shows a 'today', last seven days, full month and since web listing set up. Also how many view contact details. I have to say I have never got any calls from Embody or The Guild sites. And as for The Telegpraph - well - considering my telephone number wasn't listed!! Angela
George B.
26 Mar 2007 5:11PM

Angela, To have a significant chance of getting new clients from your listing it is vital to have some descriptive text. If you don't have this, I think your chances of getting new clients are remote. As it says on the home page "Make sure that your listing is up-to-date, attractive and informative : just adding a short description will typically quadruple your website referrals." Best wishes, George Embody Web Admin
Angela Rawlins
26 Mar 2007 5:42PM

Trying George! Not sure if I'm doing things wrong, but I don't see a change Angela
Gillian Kenyon
16 May 2008 5:18PM

As the EMBODY site has been ging for some years now, can we please see what the hit rates are: a) daily, weekly, monthly b) comparing the capaign activity periods to the non-campaign activity periods These statistics are readilty available for most sites and I am sure that EMBODY must be able to access them. Can we see them here please ?.
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