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Posted by: Laurel Bruce, 31 Jul 2009 4:46PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

HIV - Does anyone have any advice about offering a massage to a person that is diagnosed with HIV?


Rona Gray
31 Jul 2009 4:55PM

Dont know if its me but can see you [posting here????
Roushan Martens
31 Jul 2009 9:15PM

The post is all in the title in the green bar at the top, Rona :) Hi Laurel, I volunteered for a while at an HIV respite centre a few years ago. I don't really have any special advice - just treat them like you would any other client. For example, you would cover broken skin on your hands, and avoid broken skin on your client's body whoever they were, so this is not an HIV-specific precaution. There wasn't anything particular that I came across in working with HIV positive people that you need to do differently. They may have complex health issues, but these should just be dealt with on a case by case basis. At some times they may have very low immunity, in which case you should take extra precautions to ensure you are totally germ-free (a hand sanitiser after washing your hands, for example, and don't work with them in low immunity if you've been around something infectious). It was some time ago that I did this work, so I offer my advice with the proviso that there may have been changes in HIV care since then. If you'd like to speak to me about it, just give me a call - my phone number's 0131 554 1214. Roushan
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