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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 27 Mar 2012 9:59AM
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Hi, I will soon be taking a two week holiday. I haven't taken one since I started in 2008. I have regular weekly clients, how do I approach going on holiday generally. Also, how, when I have two clients who because of their illness, really need their weekly treatment. I do holistic massage and remedial. Help. Kind regards Jane


Nicki Lee
27 Mar 2012 11:12AM

Hi Jane, Good for you - you deserve a need a holiday as much as anyone else! I just book holidays into my diary and then book around them. Of course the week preceeding and first week back tend to get very booked up quickly, so it can be helpful to tell any of your regular clients as far in advance as possible, if they want to be sure to get in just before or after. As for the clients who need regular treatment, you can give them notice you'll be away and let them decide what they'd like to do. If you know any local therapists who do the same sort of treatment you could get their details and pass them along to the clients. (You could speak to the therapists before and let them know you'll be doing this, without naming the clients.) If your clients then want and allow you to, you could give the therapist some idea of how you treat and how they respond, but the new therapist will need to do her own consultation anyway. It sounds harsh, but keep in mind even a long term client may like a new therapists treatment and want to stay with them for awhile, so it's possible you could lose a client. You could also suggest maybe they try something else completely while you're gone, if appropriate to their circumstances. Same warning applies! Good luck, enjoy your holiday and I'm sure you clients will appreciate your concern and stay with you(didn't mean to imply they wouldn't)! Nicki
Kerry Oliver
27 Mar 2012 3:10PM

I think it is important to remember that no-one is indispensible and that we all need holidays from our jobs and to remember to self-care as well as care for others. Nor do I think it is part of our role to make ourselves indispensible to our clients, though at times they will need us more than others. Nikki's advice sounds very sensible. Good luck.
Jane Hopwood
27 Mar 2012 3:54PM

Thank you both so much. I feel much better having received your advice. Kind regards Jane
Kerry Oliver
27 Mar 2012 4:09PM

Enjoy your holiday Jane x
Jane Hopwood
27 Mar 2012 10:14PM

Thanks x
Angela Rawlins
28 Mar 2012 9:09AM

Hi I have just been the recipient of a colleagues client whilst she was away. I was priviledged to be able to help the client. I am hoping he will consult me again later on in a different modality to her:) So, yes, find some one you trust and respect to help you out:)) Have a great time!
Angelina Kelly
28 Mar 2012 10:31AM

Hi Jane, What I do is tell current clients when I am going to be away a few weeks in advance I clearly set out when my last working day before going away is and when my first working day after I come back is. If they are regular clients they will accommodate you and book you accordingly and will be delighted that you are taking some time out to care for yourself. To the "fly by nights" I send them a text setting out the same information and encouraging them to book around my holiday. This encourages some of them to book, others will just ignore. Yes, there is the possibility that you will loose some clients but you will not loose your regulars. As our colleagues have already said, it is vital that you take holidays and take time out for yourself. What I do with the more needy ones is slot them in the day before I go or that same day if it is a late flight and I slot them into the very next day I come home or that same day if the flight is an early one that way they don't loose out. Hope this helps. Angelina
Jane Hopwood
29 Mar 2012 7:38AM

Thanks so much for your advice. Kind regards Jane
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