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Posted by: Josie Scholman, 17 Feb 2007 10:30AM
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Holistic Community Clinics/Wellnes Centres?

My name is Josie Scholman, Co. Clare, Ireland. For my Diploma in Community Development Practice of Galway University, as my project, I would like to develop the idea of a Holistic Community Clinic, or even better a Holistic Community Wellness Centre. It only has to be an idea, not necessarily an actual existing place. As a Complementary Therapist I have long been interested in working more in the community. Imagine that we could support the community in their positive health. I could imagine therapist working together in a place that could become a beacon of light. Ideally the work would be paid through community effort, lower contributions/fees, or even the National Health Board. It could be a place where personal development courses could be run, that would empower people. It could be combined with a Family Resource Centre, something for the whole family: Treatments, Infant Baby classes, Massage for Beginners, Reflexology, Massage classes for 'grandparent' volunteers (as I was recently reading on an American website!), for young mothers (and fathers!), no end to it. A place of light. My own passion is Massage and Touching (with love!). Please, can anyone let me know if they know of any existing place in England or anywhere in the world, so I could do some research. Thanks a lot, Josie Scholman, lovinghands@eircom.net
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