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Posted by: Mike Maguire, 14 Aug 2010 7:50PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Holistic therapy at a festival, advice and comments

hi, I've been presented with the opportunity to have a pitch at a local music festival. some details I'd be working from a gazebo/tent during daylight hours over the bank holiday weekend offering reflexology or indian head massage. Thinking of doing a short sessions of 30 minutes for £15 The pitch is not expensive and I have all the required equipment to hand. Being such a lover of music and holistic care this seems a good opportunity to mix the two. Thankfully the festival is so local I can commute daily and easily pack up and go home if there is no interest or the field turns into a swamp Has anyone had experience of this and what are the pitfalls? Shalom mike


Neville Dalton
14 Aug 2010 9:44PM

Hello Mike. I've had no such experience, but would be really interested to know how you get on - how popular it is; how difficult it is to operate in different circumstances, etc. I do Swedish massage, so I'd be a little concerned about privacy, but I'd be interested to know what you - and others who have already experienced similar work - make of it. It sounds a great combination. Good luck. Neville.
Jane Hopwood
14 Aug 2010 10:04PM

Hi, don't have an answer for you but this seems like a way for you to get recognised locally. You will have to be very careful with how you present yourself so that your intents are taken seriously. Jane
Elaine MacFarlane
16 Aug 2010 8:50AM

Hi Mike, I have experience with fairs. Time management is important as once you get chatting to each client while you work you can go over your timeframe easily. Draw up a table with 30 minute time slots so you have the name of each client, contact tel number and vet them, You can do this verbally which is quick and easy just remember to get them to sign your time slot to say they have told you about any medical conditions they have. This is a great opportunity to advertise yourself so keep plenty of cards handy. Finally, have fun!
Angelina Kelly
16 Aug 2010 3:16PM

Hi Mike, Having done some of these kinds of events my advice is to have some sort of portable dressing room available now this can be easily created by a folded sheet or blanket which can be held up in front of the person while they remove unnecessary items of clothing e.g.stockings.tights. While I do not wish to discourage you in any way, it is my experience that these events are a lot of hard work, they are very exhausting and don't generally result in clients after the event. However it is a great way to meet and greet the public and get your name and face out there. Good luck, hope it goes well for you. Angelina Kelly
Gillian Kenyon
7 Sep 2010 11:41AM

The H Club has co-ordinated numerous events of this nature over the past decade. For future reference - other ongoing work opportunities for therapists are visible on http://www.thehclub.org.uk You can contact us directly about working as part of our teams in the future or about other work opportunities on work@TheHClub.org.uk If you wish to further your knowledge about Health & Wellbeing, why not visit our Health & Wellbeing infobase on: www.TheHClub.co.uk
Christine Beadle
18 Sep 2010 1:44PM

Hi I have worked in field tents - for charity walk / running events! It's a great way to give something and I recommend giving 1 day a year to such a cause. I have worked in the massage tent for Breast Cancer Care Pink Ribbon Walk event locally - Cancer organisations offer these a lot at all kinds of charity events and they are always well organised - including Great North Run - they are always in need and I feel it a priviledge to give a small amount of my time in this way. I limit it to lower leg and foot massage (take some wipes and anti-bac gel!) for the walkers / runners doing it for this great cause! Register your services for events near you - my portable table & set of towels fits in the car nicely and it's a great way to promote massage therapy (holistic massage in my case with energy healing) but other types of massage therapists promote their ways too! Chrissy
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