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Posted by: Angela Rawlins, 18 Aug 2008 4:27PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Do you know that the freedom to choose homeopathy in UK is seriously at risk? Do you know that your 30 seconds can help preserve and promote homeopathy in UK?? You are requested to support the ' Homeopathy Worked For Me' campaign being organized by H:MC21, to counter the anti-homeopathy campaign being run in UK. Please go to the following URL and sign the support declaration now: http://www.homeopathyworkedforme.org/ People from outside UK can also sign the declaration. This campaign is happening because a small group of doctors and academics assisted by journalists are systematically trying to stop referrals to homeopaths within the NHS, and to get the NHS homeopathic hospitals closed. As a result, the Tunbridge Wells Homeopathic Hospital is due to close, and referrals are dropping to the hospitals in London, Bristol, Glasgow and Liverpool. The success of ' Homeopathy Worked For Me' campaign depends on all those who value homeopathy and take this opportunity to get their voice heard by signing the declaration, getting others to sign, writing to their MPs, PCTs and the local and national press (template letters and advice can be found on our website). I request all the Hpathy members to please sign the declaration at http://www.homeopathyworkedforme.org/ . EVERY signature counts! YOUR signature counts!! It'll just take 30 seconds to sign the declaration. Please do it now! Please pass this mail to all your homeopathic friends, mailing lists, websites, your patients, friends and family. Everyone who receives it, please forward it to everyone else you know. Let us all make this campaign a success and show our solidarity to those who are working for homeopathy in UK. Thank you for your time and support, Dr. Manish Bhatia Director, Hpathy.com
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