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Posted by: Rose Horwell, 20 Aug 2008 9:43PM
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Hot Stones

Hi I am about to embark on a hot stones course. So for those out there that have good experience with hot stones, the question is What do I really need to buy? and Do the stones really need to be energised by moon and quartz? Any comments would be appreciated.. Thanks


Roushan Martens
21 Aug 2008 2:30AM

Hi there. You do need to buy stones, obviously, but my opinion on these expensive hot stone heaters is: don't bother. I bought one, and then bought a slow cooker for about £20 from Argos for another set, and the slow cooker is absolutely just as good. It also doesn't STINK when heating up like the heater does. There's a hole in the lid of the heater to put a thermometer in, but given that you take the lid off once you're working, this is a negligible benefit! I don't know, maybe other people find these heaters wonderful, and would say something else - I'll be glad to hear if they do, I'd like to think I got my money's worth! As far as the stones go, do buy a good quality set - you'll probably be told this on the course, but some people advertise 'river stones', which are cheap because they're the wrong kind of stone, and pretty useless for your purposes. Finally, I'm not a sensitive type, so I don't do the moon and quartz thing - hadn't even heard of it, to be honest! I think this is a personal thing, and sensitively-attuned therapists might feel the benefit of doing this. I haven't felt any disadvantage from not doing it. Enjoy your course!
Rose Horwell
21 Aug 2008 7:58AM

Thanks Roushan, for your feedback. When you heat up the stones do you heat them up in water and then just keep checking them temperature wise by placing them in your hand or by touching them, or have you got something else that would detect if temp is ok? Regards Rose
Roushan Martens
21 Aug 2008 12:26PM

Hi Rose, you'll be given all this info on the course, I'm sure, but you heat the stones to between 120 and 130 degrees F, in water, in the heater, prior to the treatment. You use a meat thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature, and leave that in once you are working. If the temperature drops or rises while you are working, you just use the controls on the heater, turning it off or on again to adjust the temperature (it's not exact!). Hope that helps.
Rose Horwell
23 Aug 2008 10:09AM

Thanks Rose
Judith Quin
23 Sep 2008 4:03PM

Hey I do hot stone too - it's harder to get people to try it but once they do I doubt they'll go back - I love it. I think the advice about getting a slow cooker is sensible - As for the moon - I am a big believer in crystal therapy and belive that it does help to clear the stones of any energies picked up and re-energises them (laboradite is great for storage too) - but if you don't believe in it then you may not feel the difference. It's personal preference. Enjoy the course Judith
Claire Wilson
5 Oct 2008 2:54PM

Hi i have just done a hot stone massage course and it was strongly advised not to get a slow cooker as if anything did happen you will not be insured when using the slow cooker only a heater made for hot stones! Just thought people might want to know this, im glad a was told as after reading your messages i was going to get a slow cooker!
Roushan Martens
6 Oct 2008 12:31PM

Gosh, is that true? Can we get confirmation of that from the insurance department?
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