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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 15 Sep 2011 7:51AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


I have read that hot wax is good for joints. I know beauticians use it for facials and pedicures. I have ITEC holistic massage and hot stone. Apparently the warmth is good because the wax will mould to the contours of the joint. Does anyone use hot wax, did you have to do a mini course to use it or were you covered by your qualifications. I am running this by you before checking officially as your views will help my decision. Thanks a lot Jane


Victoria Page
15 Sep 2011 9:31AM

Hi Jane I don't know about qualifications but for my own personal use I got one of those parafin wax Homedics hand/foot baths because I'd been having a lot of pain in my hands from doing massage. I found this really helped. I recommend it to my clients if they have similar complaints and explain it's something they can buy "off the shelf" themselves and that I have no qualification to use it as such. These are clients that I have a well-established relationship with so there is a trust element involved. So perhaps for you and what you're talking about the parafin wax style is the way to go and perhaps there's some sort of beautician's college that can help you with this? Maybe it's part of a manicure course? Anyway, I hope that helps a bit. Good luck! Victoria :)
Jennifer Spall
15 Sep 2011 9:32AM

Hi Jane Many years ago a relative had hot wax treatment on her hands for a very severe form of arthritis which helped enormously, this was done in a specialist Rheumatology Hospital. It may be worth looking at research in the medical field. Good Luck
Jane Hopwood
16 Sep 2011 7:48AM

Thanks a lot for your posts. I would like to get a certificate for applying hot wax but would want to have to go on a nail course or anything to that extent. If anyone has anymore information please let me know. Thanks for advice so far. Jane
Nicki Lee
16 Sep 2011 12:27PM

Hi Jane, When I did my sports therapy course one of the modules was 'electrical and thermal modalities' and this included using parafin wax to warm the area prior to massage. It was very effective for remedial massage, and the wax when removed left the skin very soft and you could massage without oil. Very helpful for non acute cases of arthritis and other treatments requiring heat. I personally decided not to offer this treatment and use heat through other methods, because I found using the wax a mess! I was taught it wasn't hygienic to have people 'dip' hands or feet in a wax heater because the wax would be contaminated. We used brushes to brush it on which were a nightmare to clean. We then peeled the wax off after it had set and again, sometimes bits of wax everywhere. I'm sure there are ways to minimise this but as I said I just decided to use other forms of heat when required. I'm not sure if doing a manicure course would then under insurance qualify you to use the wax on areas other than hands or feet, or to use it as part of a remedial-type massage, but that's something you could look into. I've not seen this advertised as a course but you could look around. Don't mean to be negative but thought I'd give you the pros and cons as I've experienced it. Best of luck, Nicki
Jane Hopwood
16 Sep 2011 3:37PM

Hi thanks for replies. I had not thought how messy wax is and that it might be more of a nuisance than a help. Jane
Nicki Lee
16 Sep 2011 3:41PM

Hi Jane, When I'm considering offering something new I always try it out first as a client. You hopefully should be able to find someone locally who offers the parafin treatment (maybe a salon) so you can experience it for yourself to suss it out. Have fun if you do! Nicki
Deborah Sheppard
17 Sep 2011 1:21PM

Hi, I buy the 'spray on' wax; it comes in a cartridge which you place in a heater; it heats up in about 30-40 minutes. It's not messy at all (once you get the hang of it!). I bought a kit (heater, wax cartridges and accessories)from the Hive stand at Professional Beauty at Excel. I've seen them on their web site for quite a bit more than I paid for mine. You can use depilatory wax cartridges in the heater too. I would definitely recommend it.
Jane Hopwood
19 Sep 2011 7:52AM

Hi, thanks I will look into that. Jane
Jane Hopwood
29 Sep 2011 4:22PM

How long would you leave the wax on for? I have heard that it is also good therapy for us masseures as it will warm the hands well. I am getting a beautician friend to try it on my hand as I have ulnar nerve trouble in the wrist. Kind regards Jane
Deborah Sheppard
29 Sep 2011 9:00PM

Hi Jane, I usually leave it on for about 20 minutes, but you can probably leave it on for longer. One thing I forgot to say before- the 'booties' that came with the kit are not very good as they have only got a small opening and you have to squeeze the client's foot in- not very relaxing for them!I now use socks to keep the heat in (soft, fluffy ones), then cover the feet with a towel. Take care, Debbie
Jane Hopwood
30 Sep 2011 10:13AM

Thanks for that. Jane
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