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Posted by: Allison Cook, 23 Oct 2011 12:39PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

How can I word my massage therapy advert...

...to make it clear that I offer ONLY massage and no (ahem) more "personal" services? I had a request from a client for a service I definitely don't provide! I'm sure this must have happened to other therapists!


Sue Hannaford
23 Oct 2011 12:47PM

Hi Allison. What was the wording of your ad?
Bridgette Bradley
23 Oct 2011 1:27PM

Hi Alison, In my experience you can be as clear as a sunny Day with your advertising and still get these types Of enquiries. Some of the free search engines Such as gumtree do request you to add 'I do no Provide a sexual service' to your advert but I Think this is off putting to the genuine customers. So you won't be able to avoid this completely. Just be Prepared to reply with a polite answer. Hope this helps Bridgette
Allison Cook
23 Oct 2011 1:51PM

Thanks. I think my ad is quite clear, I have explained what each massage *does* include. I'll put this client down to experience and maybe recognise what's going on more quickly if I get a similar one.
Amanda Clegg
24 Oct 2011 12:14AM

I'm afraid Bridgette is right - those who are looking for 'other services' will always ask, particularly if you are a new advertiser. They don't seem to remember that they've spoken to you, so you'll probably get the same one ringing from time to time. No point at all putting 'this is not a s.. s ,' or 'no withheld numbers'. At least they seem to have the courtesy to be up-front about asking, I suppose! Another thing I do is NEVER take a same day booking over the phone from a new caller. I make the appointment for a couple of days hence, and ask them to ring me first thing in the morning to confirm that they are keeping the appointment, and explain that if they don't phone, I will assume they are NOT coming. (actually I have a good client base now so very seldom have same day appointments anyway, and if I get a cancellation it's usually a good chance to catch up on admin!) Holidays and full moon seem to be prime times. Interestingly, it's not just male clients that proposition female therapists: a male therapist acquaintance also confessed to being hassled now and again. Hmm.
Allison Cook
24 Oct 2011 5:11PM

Thanks - I had a couple of phone calls today. One from someone who wanted an appointment this afternoon but wouldn't book in advance, and one from someone who changed his mind about booking when I said I wouldn't do a massage on him if he was nude. Fortunately I have had some genuine bookings too!
Amanda Clegg
24 Oct 2011 11:24PM

yup, that sounds like a familiar pattern. think of it this way - for every couple of naff timewasters you get a genuine client, so think of the timewasters as taking you closer to your goal of building a good client base. I found in my early days that it was quite easy to get good male clients and they do tend to be more regular. But my experience is that they don't recommend you to their friends. Female clients are harder to attract - tends to be by word of mouth, and once you get them, they do recommend, but they tend not to be as regular/frequent. Aim for a mix of both!
Andrea Little
27 Oct 2011 9:19PM

Hi what I tend to do is say to those I have concerns about, "I would like to send you a questionnaire before your appointment,to highlight your expections of my treatment"..ask lots questions on the telephone...and throw in lots of terminology... if they are looking for extras that will sure put them off... good luck
Amanda Clegg
27 Oct 2011 11:36PM

yes - that's another really good tactic. Check out the address on google tho - i've had a couple in hte past giving fictitious addresses who of course didn't turn up for the advance appointment they had made!
Allison Cook
27 Oct 2011 11:43PM

I have added a paragraph to my adverts along the lines of, "My clients' modesty is important. Depending on the area to be treated, the client may be asked to undress but keep on their underwear." Hopefully that will help deter those who are barking up the wrong tree without putting off genuine clients.
Sharon Banks
14 Mar 2012 9:26AM

Hi there You could simply say something like I have done on my website Sharon is a Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist offering professional treatments in Southampton. Please do not ask for anything else!
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