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Posted by: Grace Boateng, 15 Jul 2011 1:44AM
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How do I put the Embody logo onto my website

I'd like to put the Embody logo onto my website. I can't find anywhere on this website that tells how to do this. Please point me in the righ direction. Thank you


Sue Hannaford
15 Jul 2011 9:39AM

Hi Grace. Open the page on the CThA website that has the logo on it. Then do file save, and save it to your computer. Then go into your website and upload as you would any image. If you need to re-size it you may have to do that in another program on your computer - right click and select 'open with' and you will have a choice of whatever programs you have on your computer. Any problems, ring me and I'll talk you through it!!! Sue x
Grace Boateng
15 Jul 2011 9:57AM

Thanks Sue, I'll try that. Grace
Peter Hazlewood
15 Jul 2011 4:08PM

Better still go to the Members area and select logos all are there for you to download.
Sue Hannaford
16 Jul 2011 9:02AM

Sorry, Grace, I had assumed that you had already found the page with the logos on it - my directions were designed to explain an easy way to get the logos from the site into your website!
Grace Boateng
16 Jul 2011 9:11AM

Thanks Sue, your instructions were what I needed but I've not tried it again yet. I had previously found the logos and thought there'd be instructions on how to transfer the logo onto my website. I thought there'd be something with HTML code that I could copy and paste. Anyway I'll get back to try it later.
Sue Hannaford
16 Jul 2011 11:09AM

Hi Grace. Apparently with a wordpress website if you are inserting into a post or a page, then do as usual as with any image. If you want to insert it into your template, you will need to edit the template. Any problems or you need help, give me a ring and Tim will help (being the expert!!!). Sue x
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