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Posted by: Gillian Kenyon, 14 Sep 2010 12:46PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

How do you describe a Therapy legally


Angelina Kelly
14 Sep 2010 4:26PM

Here in Ireland we already are. We cannot diagnose via Reflexology or any other treatment nor can we advertise that we treat ANY condition at all. If we suspect a client has a "problem" the best we can do is advise them to go see a doctor and ask to be checked for......... A therapists' word here holds for nothing however because we can talk back to doctors in their own language with a measure of authority we are grudgingly tolerated (almost).
Gillian Kenyon
14 Sep 2010 4:34PM

Hi Angelina It isn't just diagnoisis. Therapists in the UK have NEVER been allowed to diagnose anyway. It is that we won't even be able to describe or imply health benefits either in marketing materials or face to face the way things are going.
Angelina Kelly
14 Sep 2010 4:42PM

Hi Gillian, Which makes our situation all the more of a problem. How can we promote ourselves? How can we attract clients to us if we can't extol the virtues of what we do? Are we being squeezed out of existance by the establishment so that they can "cash in" and continue to fool the public? If so, how can we counteract that and get the recognition we deserve and the public are entitled to?
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