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Posted by: Holly Watson, 14 Jun 2013 5:52PM
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How long do you keep client paperwork for??

Hello fellow therapist's! I am sorting through my paperwork (long overdue!)and I'm not sure how long I keep past clients consultations forms, treatment plans etc. I have paperwork for clients that are over two years old. Is it best to keep hold of them or not? How long is it best to keep these on your records? Thank you in advance for guidance on this! Holly


Kerry Oliver
14 Jun 2013 6:10PM

at least 5 years rings some kind of bell but maybe that's tax stuff. I would err on side of caution though - plus sometimes people come back to you after long absence
Sue Hannaford
14 Jun 2013 7:00PM

I can't remember how long exactly but it may be as much as 7 years (that goes for tax paperwork too). You can check with Holistic Insurance (might be on the website). However, if you have treated children you need to keep for much, much longer for insurance purposes, as they can claim for a certain period from when they 18, whatever age they were when you treated them!!. Sorry to be vague - I know I chatted with Holistic Insurance years ago about this - let us know what you find out?
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