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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 16 Jul 2013 8:19AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Hi, I just wondered how popular is shiatsu as a complementary therapy. I have a spare therapy room and have been contacted by someone to use it. Kind regards Jane


Diane Revelle
16 Jul 2013 10:02AM

Hi, I used to have a clinic on the Southbank where we offered pretty much every therapy going! There were very few requests for Shiatsu, though it is such an effective therapy. If properly promoted....leaflets and info in the front window of the clinic, it could become more popular. I think there is still a degree of mystery around Shiatsu, but the fact that its carried out fully clothed, and is a gentle yet powerful therapy, all goes in it's favour. Our particular therapist worked both on a massage chair and on a shiatsu roll on the floor. I recall that her clients were blissfully peaceful and relaxed following her treatments. A clinic wouldn't be complete without a Shiatsu therapist on board!
Jane Hopwood
21 Jul 2013 6:50PM

Thank you for your comment. I feel much better about my decision now and will offer a room to this person. Kind regards Jane
Diane Revelle
21 Jul 2013 8:30PM

You're very welcome, all the best, Di.
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