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Posted by: Charlotte Rothwell, 22 Nov 2014 5:35PM
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How to research the market

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to set up as self employed therapist in a few months and I'm struggling with my business plan. I need to know how to research market trends, for example what the most popular treatments are, how/if the massage sector is growing. I really can't find any solid, factual information about these things, can only find people's opinions and it's not really reliable enough info. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks all :)


Margaret Quirke
5 Jan 2015 1:31AM

I find that local libraries- hold a lot of market intelligence reports and the this can give you an idea of market trends. Also I would look to do a small questionnaire and speak to those where you want to set up. It can be short survey just ask the direct questions to get the answers to what you really want to know, as these people you meet could be potential clients. -I've read your other posting on laundry- I am like you, I am getting ready to start my own business. I've been working on a balance sheet this evening. Good luck I wish you every success. Maggie
Aleksandra Jawulska
8 Jan 2015 4:10PM

Hi Ladies, I am also in the same boat as you. Not sure if this is realistic as I don't know where you live or wether it would work. Any chance you'd like to get together and exchange ideas and help each other? Just a thought that occurred to me as I read your posts.... I'm in East London Aleksandra
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