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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 15 Nov 2013 6:51PM
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How we look fro client view point - literally

Hi, I have just been wondering about how we actually look when clients come to an appointment. How should i dress to show I am positive in my belief that my treatments will help. I can see two points of view recently. Do I dress low key, low heels, no makeup, which is very much to my liking - or should I look vibrant, make up, nice uniform, great hair etc. Do I need to encourage clients by looking more "with it" I met a therapist the other day and she just shined. Hair, makeup, style of dress - everything just made me feel I want to look and feel vibrant. Don't get me wrong - i deliver great treatments but what I am asking should I reboot my personal look to encourage new clients. Thanks for any comments Jane


Caz Sayles
15 Nov 2013 11:48PM

Hi Jane, When I first started my business I thought it best to look 'perfect' hair, make-up, starched white uniform. I found I soon hated getting ready to go to work as I wasn't being 'me'. I was uncomfortable in what I wore, which strangely made the clients uncomfortable (maybe I imagined that, but even so it was a negative that should not have been in my treatment room) I now dress how I want to, I'm excited to go to work and feel truly 'me'. Your personality will shine through and put your clients at ease. Just think if you were a client and your therapist had on jeans and a t-shirt, but gave an incredible massage would you refuse to go back as you didn't like their clothes? Stick to what you find comfortable your clients don't care....:)
Jane Hopwood
16 Nov 2013 6:43AM

Yes thanks a lot.
Nicki Lee
16 Nov 2013 10:45AM

You can look and feel professional and still be yourself, if you're self employed and can choose your own uniform if you want to wear one. I do choose to wear a 'uniform' because I don't like to work in street clothes for a variety of reasons - my uniform isn't often worn outside work so not 'dusty' and it gives an image of professionalism and I don't want my regular clothes getting oily. My uniform isn't what I would wear to be 'myself' but it is my 'work self' and does help me get into the mind set of work. I wear a polo shirt with my company name on it, and navy or black trousers, usually cotton, with trainers worn only for work (and my new ones match my purple polo shirt, which I find fun for myself) I don't tend to be heavy on make up, just very light as I'd normally wear. I also have a matching hoodie with the company name, helpful if I'm working outside my clinic at an event. You can pick whatever works for you. I've had massage from people that were very casually dressed, and I judge the quality of the treatment not how they look. What will other people think? It's hard to say, and I think different people will think different things. It's probably different for the beauty and hair industry as appearance is what they are selling.
Jane Hopwood
16 Nov 2013 2:11PM

Hi Nikki thanks for your reply
Roxanne Degarie
18 Nov 2013 11:01AM

I believe as long as you are comfortable is what matters but also, to avoid to much distraction for the client, ie. bright earrings, too tight t-shirt for woman etc.. I guess common sense. xx
Angela Rawlins
19 Nov 2013 1:04PM

Hi, yes I started out with a very formal uniform and occasionally still wear it. I use the different clothing depending on situation. I visit elderly people in a care home and I find that they quite like me to be in normal clothes. Generally I wear a specially designed large T shirt other times normal clothing with a white tabard, with my badges. My reason is, they respond to me as a normal visititor and they see hospital like uniforms all day long:) it means they feel comfortable speaking their minds and any complaints:)
Janice Hamilton
20 Nov 2013 11:14AM

Dear Jane, that's a very interesting question you have posted and one that I struggled with when I first started. Now when I look back I think it was to do with my self-confidence - I think as therapists we can have quite an isolated existence and when we meet someone who literally "shines" you begin to question yourself - I think a lot depends on what you do - I am a holistic therapist and as such I want my clients, both male and female to feel comfortable and I think it's partly to do with my appearance - clean tunic, clean hair, clean and short nails, but also the fact that I feel confident in my abilities to help and support them - if I come across something I don't know, I am honest enough to say so and to then do some research and get back to them. I chose not to wear make up as I do mostly deep body massage and think that smudged lipstick and running mascara isn't a good look!! I think it's good to review things and wonder what you could do better but also to work on your self-confidence and self belief that you're doing the best you can. Hope this helps. Regards Janice
Jane Hopwood
20 Nov 2013 12:49PM

Thanks everyone for their replies. They have been most helpful. Jane
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