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Posted by: Carol McCubbin, 12 Feb 2013 3:47PM
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Looking for advice, How long would you advise someone to wait until they have a massage after having a hydrocortisone Injection in the foot. I always thought it was 24 hours after any injection not sure if you have to wait longer after hydrocortisone. Want to keep myself right. Any comments would be appreciated thanks.


Jennifer Spall
18 Feb 2013 8:57AM

Hi Carole I treat people after surgery and will always get GP/Consultant/Physio permission with any medical intervention including cortisone injections it builds good links and avoids running into problems. Clients contract the health professional themselves, you can get them to sign to say they have been given permission for treatment on their records. I hope this helps and good luck with the treatment. Jenny
Caroline Middleton
19 Feb 2013 9:40AM

Good morning, Carol, I needed a hydrocortisone injection myself recently as the tendonitis in my arm was preventing me from working. I would say from a personal point of view and upon recommendation of the doctor who did my injection, there should be little or no use of the affected area for at least 4 days after the injection. This helps the injection to take effect and in having a hydrocortisone injection, you may or many not be aware that there is a local anaesthetic included which can totally numb sensation and indeed pain. I would therefore be very cautious about massaging 24 hours after an injection. I would aim to leave massage until at least 4 days after - usually by this time a positive effect will be felt. If not, the injection has most likely failed - ie. it was not injected into the right area. With regard to injections for sportspeople. They will need to get a letter from the physician concerned before they take part in sporting competitions. I hope this helps. Caroline
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