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Posted by: Trisha Gabriel, 27 May 2008 1:03PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Increasing client base

I have been a therapist for over 13yrs, I have been busy, and I have been quieter, but still manage to tick along with a few clients. Occasionally I have a really busy day with several clients. I have found a lot of longterm clients have dropped away, maybe coming for 8 or 9 yrs, some have passed away,and probably due to the economic climate I am wondering how to gain more clients, and actually feel quite 'lost', as I just don't know what else to do!!! I almost feel as if I have to re launch myself!! I have a purpose built therapy room in peaceful semi rural surroundings, and offer a good range of therapies, good for stressed busy people; but I am really struggling to be motivated and positive!! I used to do home visits, but prefer to work from home. Anyone in a similar position?


Angela Rawlins
27 May 2008 5:34PM

Hi Trish I know what you mean. I think the economic climate is causing a lot of people to drop out. My husband is in the finance industry and said last year was going to be bad and this year even worse:(( I have had a lot of clients fall away and don't know what I can do to encourage more business. Perhaps Gillian Kenyon has some ideas.
Trisha Gabriel
27 May 2008 6:07PM

Hi, Trish here, yes its always ticked along and I have always had at least 3-4 clients a week, which I am grateful for, sometimes a lot more than that! and I have never done a lot of marketing or advertising often writing to existing clients with offers. I think generally people are keeping a tight reign on their finances. I have wondered about signing up for the H Club but there was only 1 client who was Sussex based.
Angela Rawlins
27 May 2008 6:29PM

Hi Trish Yes, I have considered the H Club, but when I looked at Gillian's list of waiting clients, Berkshire's not even mentioned:( I've never considered sending out letters or postcards to previous clients either. I do have an ad I pay for in a local directory which hasn't given me many clients the last couple of years, but had previously paid for it's self. General consensus is, advertising doesn't bring anyone and it's word of mouth. I know clients of mine have recommended me, but still no clients. Here in the south there are lots and lots of therapists, in fact rather saturated. And - there are more and more being trained. I am lucky that I do not have to rely on my salary, other wise I'd have to look for more stable work. Bad press does us no good either - and a huge lacking in support from CThA on that subject. I don't think much about the so called promotions for complementary therapist either, not the sort of promotion I want to participate in. Just keep at it Trish - I recently took part in a 'Health at work' fayre for our local University. They found me on a local business site that I'm listed on 'for free'. I charged them for it - worked two days giving reflexology to the staff. I really enjoyed the days, met a lot of lovely people. I did get a consultation for a member of staffs daughter - she came three times whilst home from Uni. Also, decided to get a web site of my own - huge cost, well for me anyway but good way of saying a lot more about you and your therapies than a leaflet can. I have found that more and more people ask 'do you have a web site', so, have used a lady who was recommended by a client. If you would like her details let me know. Ps I run a local therapist group here, do you attend your local one for support??
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