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Posted by: Carol McCubbin, 15 Oct 2012 8:51PM
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Indian Head Massage

Can anyone advise what is the best chair to use for Indian Head Massage? I recently did a course and I have looked at various chairs but I feel none of them have been comfortable enough. Any advice would be appreciated thanks.


Michele Wiffin
15 Oct 2012 10:24PM

I'd be interested in hearing people's thoughts on this, as I'm currently studying IHM. I've used a variety of household chairs, office chairs, diningroom chars etc but not found one that's been comfortable yet. Was thinking of investing in a massage chair normally used for seated acupressure/tattooing, but would like to try one or hear what people think of them for IHM first.
Nicki Lee
15 Oct 2012 11:00PM

I use a massage chair for upper body massage, but it differs from standard IHM (I often use more pressure and both hands at the same time, unlike IHM where you can't push too hard or you'll push them off the chair). It's hard to do facial massage on this type of chair -even when client sits up - because these chairs are usually too high to reach over to the face, and to have the client lean back it wouldn't be comfortable or possibly even safe. If I'm doing an IHM I use a chair that does not have arms, that is low enough (or with a footstool so the client's feet are comfortably flat on the floor) and with back support, but not a high back. Dining chairs often have too high a back; I've found kitchen type chairs can be good. Stools are uncomfortable because people can't relax and sit back. If you use a salon type chair with wheels, it's best to lock the wheels or maybe put casters under them so it is stable. The best thing about IHM is how adaptable and portable it is - if the only chair you have has a high back you can adjust by working from each side more, and having them lean forward a bit when trying to work down the back lower - not ideal but do-able.
Kerry Oliver
17 Oct 2012 9:48AM

I agree that massage chair onsite type massage differs from IHMM tho some people do use those chairs for IHM. I do both types of massgae and try and use an ordinary chair for the latter as I think portability and adaptability are important. When I trained a directors type chair was recommended and i quite often use that, as you can remove its back to access client's back and the height is not bad. However no good for very large people. There is no perfect solution I fear but if someone has a better one do post!
Amanda Clegg
17 Oct 2012 4:54PM

I tend to use a directors chair with a pillow in hte seat to raise shoulder blades above the level of hte back. It's got arms so they can't fall out (!) and is quite comfy, also light to transport for mobile & tucks away in my treatment room at home.
Michele Wiffin
17 Oct 2012 5:15PM

Thanks, that's really interesting, had been looking for one of those massage chairs on eBay, but glad one hasn't come up yet! Think I will try a directors chair like you've both suggested. What do you think Carol? Has this helped you too?
Nicki Lee
17 Oct 2012 5:21PM

Director's chair does sound ideal, and would be especially helpful if you were doing shows or fetes as so easily transported.
Carol McCubbin
17 Oct 2012 9:30PM

Thanks for all your replies, your advice has been really helpful. I will continue looking at office/director chair seems like the best option.
Elizabeth Rabone
22 Oct 2012 8:50PM

Hi I bought a Lafuma directors chair for IHM - I use a Lafuma recliner for reflexology (have done for years) so I know they're a good brand. I think you can get them online.
Carol McCubbin
22 Oct 2012 9:05PM

THanks very much I will look that up online.
Amanda Clegg
22 Oct 2012 11:07PM

My Director's chair came from Homebase!
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