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Posted by: Deborah Sheppard, 14 Dec 2012 11:07AM
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Indian Milking

Hi, I have just read an article on the Guild for Sensory Development's website, advising their members not to teach this stroke to parents. When I did my training last year this stroke was included at the beginning of the leg and arm routines. It is also included in the infant massage books I have, including Vimala McClure's book (I have the 2009 copy). I would be grateful if infant massage instructors could tell me what they were taught, and what the general feeling about indian milking is. I look forward to your replies! Debbie


Giuseppe Tomaselli
14 Dec 2012 2:11PM

Deborah Sheppard
15 Dec 2012 2:17PM

This is the article I was referring to. I can't find anything from anyone else though.
Kerry Oliver
16 Jan 2013 1:37PM

Thanks for posting this, I had no idea of this debate - as an ocasional baby massage instructor it is convincing enough for me to hold off teaching Indian milking until I see more on the issue - but very interested in other views, especially from experienced instructors
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