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Posted by: Lisa Holyland, 3 Dec 2008 9:58AM
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I have just started treating a client that has not had a period for 2 years, she also has borderline polysystic ovaries and a twisted ft. She is taking norethisterone tablets to fake a period, then chlomid for ovulation. She is giving all of the medication a break while we try some reflexology to try and balance and stimulate the repro system. Does anyone have any advise for me on this please. I am qualified in maternity reflexology and helped many people to become pregnant using reflexology. Many thanks Lisa


Angela Rawlins
3 Dec 2008 5:39PM

Hi Lisa First of all, I hope her GP knows about the drug cestation. The norethisterone is a synthetic progesterone to help regulate the period. You can get information by putting it into 'google' - wonderful thing it is! I have treated two women with polycystic ovary syndrome. This can be a difficult problem and needs repeated reflexology treatments to help regulate periods. Each persons severity is different, some are worse than others. Also, the elimination organs to ensure all toxic wastes are effectively cleared, that is extra working as you should cover all the bodys systems. I concentrate on all the endocrine glands and give them a good working. I have attended a seminar for infertility with The Ass of Reflexologists - with a Danish couple who worked up the inside of the legs. Patience is needed with polycystic ovary syndrome. Ps both my ladies had babies:)
Lisa Holyland
3 Dec 2008 9:05PM

Hello Angela, Thank you for your reply, I have looked on good old google!! I will give all of the things that you have suggested a try, I have been on Beryl Cranes accupressure points course which includes work around the ankles and up the legs, which I will also include. Great news that your ladies fell pregnant, Can you remember how long it took for them to fall pregnant? Thanks once again. Lisa
Angela Rawlins
4 Dec 2008 2:40PM

Hi Lisa One lady it took about four months to regulate her periods - she'd recently come off the pill and I would say approx another 4 to conceive, but it's very individual and depends on how much of a problem the pco's are. I have an aquaintance, who has it quite badly. She'd had many miscarriages. Unfortunately ahe went to full term and the little girl had her cord around her neck..... She did go on to have a little boy who is now 5yrs. BUT - she did not believe in Reflexology, in spite of her sister practising. I also offered her Reiki after the little girl died. You could tell outwardly she suffered PCO's badly, over weight, protruding eyes. People with PCOs have to adjust their diet as the pancreas is unbalanced and can develop insulin resistance. So... your lady should look at her life style. I would emphasise that it may be months before her body is in the right place and balance. Good luck
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