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Posted by: Victoria Thompson, 9 Feb 2011 12:26PM
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Informal Hand Massage Training Session

I have just been asked to tutor an informal hand massage training session for a small charity with a limited budget. I am more than happy to do this, (especially as I used to be a lecturer !) but am unsure what to charge. I believe there will be about 8 people. Anyone have any ideas ? Thanks !


Amanda Clegg
9 Feb 2011 12:43PM

I do odd bits like this - and usually charge around £40-£50 per hour (ish), which is more than half the commercial training rate. You still have to make sure your insurance covers you for occasional teaching, which CThA does, and provide oils, instruction handouts etc. so it outlay plus prep time plus travel plus delivery - at least 4 hrs total effort for a one or two hour session - therefore a bargain for them!
Amanda Clegg
9 Feb 2011 12:46PM

sorry - cat on keyboard hit 'post'! I also leave them with a 50ml bottle of massage oil (labelled with my logo, name and contact details) and a laminated postcard with the simple routine we have covered, as a 'value added'
Lorraine Murray
16 Feb 2011 4:38PM

remember to give each person your business card/leaflet and offer them a £5 discount if they book a treatment with you within a month Lorraine www.ilovefgt.com
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