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Posted by: Sarah Chandler, 7 Sep 2012 1:48PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Insurance - Manicures and pedicures

Hiya - im a qualified massage therapist and I have ventured into beauty - manicures and pedicures - I completed a one day mani/pedicure course recently and I have been advised that CThA cannot insure me unless ive completed level 2 - could anyone please help me - I would like to improve my skills in manis/pedicures but I do not want to payout alot money on courses. thanks in anticipation sarah


Amanda Clegg
7 Sep 2012 6:33PM

It's a question of undergoing the relevant training to be insured to use scissors and clippers which count as sharps, so there is a risk of infection if you accidentally cut or if the nail bed is damaged in any way (which is actually extremely easy to do accidentally especially on older clients). You will need to be qualified as a nail technician which I guess is at least level 2. Good luck!
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