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Posted by: Annette Wilson, 9 Nov 2005 1:23PM
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Insurance cover when treating cancer patients

At our last local group meeting in Edinburgh, our members raised the question about whether our insurance covers us to treat patients who have cancer ? The concern was that some massage and reflexology training teaches that active cancer is a complete contraindication to treatement, and yet many of us are aware that these therapies are commonly used with great benefit and little or no risk for cancer patients. If treatment is given with complete medical approval from the patients doctor or specialist does our insurance cover us ? from Annette Wilson, local group coordinator, Edinburgh & Lothians


Elizabeth Farrow
9 Nov 2005 5:22PM

Hi Annette Cancer is contraindicated for most therapeutic interventions, however many therapies are used in palliative care. I have experience of working with cancer patients and have NHS experience. My insurance would cover me to work in this area providing I had written consent from the medical professionals involved. When working within the NHS one would usually be covered by the NHS insurance. I work collaboratively with health care professionals to ensure my work is both safe and ethical. In my experience the medical professionals are more likely to work with 'sepcialists' in holistic therapeutic interventions who hold a relevant degree and specialisms in holistic therapies. Elizabeth Farrow BSc www.colorpurplegroup.com liz.farrow.cpt@btinternet.com
Rona Gray
16 Nov 2005 4:48PM

I was also involved with the discussion in edinburgh last week and am now having to consider using a disclaimer form, it seems, for anyone taking medication or many other conditions. In reality I find medical approval almost impossible to get unless verbally thru the client: GPs dont tend to realise the potentially negative/harmful impact therapies can have upon clients health etc when they go ahead, a massage witha nice smell will do you good! It feels a bit like I am to be bringing in a level of formality to the work that I have not done before and am not aware of other therapists using this in placese I have worked but I guess that will have to change! SO I would appreciate a copy of anyone's diclaimer form or similar ( poss as part of consultation form) if they would be kind enough to share so i can compile a version for myself thanks Rona Gray rghandson@tiscali.co.uk
Marianne Free Allitt
27 Dec 2005 10:23PM

I'm so confused on the whole issue of cancer patients/clients etc. I've just been on an aromatherapy with cancer patients course - very interesting but I'm still not confident in this huge area. One of my client's gp will happily give consent over the phone but has said most categorically he wont put anything in writing - does anyone have any views on this?? Should I insist I get something in writing or send her elsewhere? My particular client had a cancerous lump removed from her breast 4 1/2 years ago and hopefully in May she'll get the 5 year all clear so am I wasting time getting written permission from the doctor. It seems such a grey area - does Embody have any views or comments on this?
Lydia Nightingale
13 May 2006 2:01PM

this is posted some time after your original discussion. i have just replied to "hodgkins and non-hodgkins" message. take a look at my comments about insurance and cancer patients
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