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Posted by: Maria Anna Sofia Fernell, 13 Aug 2010 2:27PM
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Insurance & Tax abroad

Hi I have read through the insurance policy some time back, and remember that the insurance cover shorter stays abroad within the EU. But I can't find how long that is. Been trying to read through the policy again, but yeah.. feel ready to give up :P Does anybody know, or should I just call the insurance company? Also, how does it work with tax abroad? I haven't registered as self-employed yet since I was just qualified in July and doubt I will have any work until I been able to take more courses.


CThA Administrator
13 Aug 2010 4:08PM

Hi, I can help with your insurance question. Holistic Insurance Services do not state a maximum amount of time for working abroad, but the client must be a resident of the UK or Eire. However the policy is subject to a UK jurisdiction clause which means that if a claim were to happen, any legal action would have to be brought in a UK court for the policy to be operative. With regards to your tax question itmay be best to go the the HMRC website for some advice. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/businesses/index.shtml
Maria Anna Sofia Fernell
13 Aug 2010 4:45PM

Thank you for your reply, I will take a look at the link. But i still don't understand the insurance issue. So.. If I go abroad, I am only allowed to treat clients that also gone abroad, from UK..?
CThA Administrator
19 Aug 2010 4:08PM

Hi, I believe it means that if any claim was brought against you whilst you were abroad, it would need to be solved in the UK rather than abroad. You must also retain a UK address for the length of your trip. Regards, Zara
Maria Anna Sofia Fernell
19 Aug 2010 4:26PM

Hi, Okay, that wouldn't be any problem. And I am only looking into a short stay, will still be living here. Otherwise I wouldn't bother with insurance from UK. Thank you for all information, it has been really helpful. Maria
Gillian Kenyon
7 Sep 2010 11:46AM

Insurance and taxation and separate issues that I would always take with independent advice. It does look like the Insurance policy above would NOT be any good for someone working abroad unless: 1. the clients were UK citizens 2. the claim was raised in the UK, clearly not something you can stipulate if yoou are working abroad. Your Accountant should be able to give you appropriate Tax advice in relation to your specific circumstances. As financial and fiscal matters are so closely interwoven, it may be best to discuss with your Accountants before doing anything else.
Maria Anna Sofia Fernell
7 Sep 2010 12:53PM

Gillian, Yes I agree on that, the insurance seem more or less useless abroad. And I think it would be a great idea to ask my accountant, if I had one. The thing is I am not yet practising or running my business, and was just curious to see if anyone had any experience from working in two countries, and what they had to say about it. But it seem like it isn't very common. I was going to get insurance in my home country first anyway, but it is quite a project, so it would have been nice with an insurance that is actually helpful abroad if it now say it covers abroad... but anyway, I just wanted to know if someone had experience in the subject. /Maria
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