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Posted by: Angela Davies, 28 Jan 2015 11:31AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


I am a mobile Holistic Therapist and have recently moved to live in a new area. My previous client base was well-established via word of mouth but I am now having to develop my business afresh. I am looking for advice on the best way to introduce myself to potential new clients in areas such as care homes (of which there are plenty here) both for residents and staff, schools (for staff) and businesses etc. In the past I made the initial contact by phone, but I confess to not being very good at that and promoting myself and the service I offer. Any ideas based on successful experiences would be most welcome. Angela


Caz Sayles
28 Jan 2015 1:12PM

Hi, I've found the best way to go about this is to offer a free taster session in care homes, you can do a demo then offer a hand/arm massage to anyone who wants it. It gives you chance to show people what you do. Also any local groups, WI, sports groups etc... When I started, the referrals I got from there have given my core clientele. Make sure you have leaflets and business cards available to hand out. Even if someone isn't interested there and then, if they encounter a problem you will be forefront in their mind. Good luck ...:-) x
Angela Davies
28 Jan 2015 5:57PM

Hi Caz, Many thanks. I have attended a few meetings of local support/community groups for various causes, to introduce myself there, and I have donated a few free treatments as raffle prizes for community projects etc. I have also made an application to the local WI, and I am awaiting their response; they have a very strict and lengthy application process it seems! I hadn't considered the other aspects of your ideas for the particular settings I have in mind, so that's really helpful. I find the most challenging aspect is making the initial contact, but the suggestions that you mention would give me something concrete to offer, which will be great. I will put them into action. Thanks again, and for taking time to post a reply. Very much appreciated.
Amanda Clegg
29 Jan 2015 12:17AM

Try setting up a business page on your facebook account and joining local community groups - also look a these coz there's often things like NCT meetings, school fetes, charity coffee mornings etc advertised. I've also handed out random business cards when I'm out - eg chatting in supermarket queues (yes some people do do that in the south of england, esp in waitrose!) and once when I was next to a cuouple of ladies in Boots chatting about back pain and frozen shoulder. Worth contacting local physios, chiropractors and osteopaths if you have exp of remedial work, as some will refer to you. Find other local therapists in different disciplines and set up a 'therapy tree' to combine adverts in parish mags - we took a half page which gave us about 1/2 inch each - pilates, massage, aromatherapy, counselling, dietician, physio, reflexol, etc. Works well and you get to know a nice group to go out with too!
Angela Davies
29 Jan 2015 12:32PM

Hi Amanda, Thankyou for some great ideas! I have signed up to a community online forum, and from what I've seen, that seems to be a good base for contacting people in the local area (Thanet). I can put my website on the forum - just need to update it but I've been a bit pre-occupied with decorating and building work; almost done! I've offered free treatments to the various tradesmen (and/or their partners probably more likely) that have been involved with the house renovations, so hopefully something will come of that. I feel more confident having seen the suggestions from you and Caz. There are certainly new avenues that I can explore now. Many thanks for taking time to post a reply.
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