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Posted by: Tina Maria Pritchard, 10 Feb 2006 6:44PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Is there life out there!

Are there any Embody therapists alive at all in Leicestershire or am I the only one of my kind! Would like to hear from you if possible otherwise I'm going to be a very lonely practitioner and that is not a good thing!


Edith Maskell
19 Feb 2006 7:32PM

Have you looked in the back of Embody Professional for a list of local groups in your area? If not, please contact Pat Terry - HQ Group co-ordinator who I am sure could put you in touch with other therapists in your area. Look out for some information later in the year when we will be putting on some one day conferences/road shows. Might be a great opportunity for you to network with other members. Best wishes, Edith Maskell
Tina Maria Pritchard
27 Feb 2006 8:45PM

Hi Edith Many thanks for your reply. Since qualifying, I have found it very difficult to build up my practice and not being able to bounce ideas off fellow practitioners has, I am afraid, not helped. My confidence has dwindled and I am now asking myself 'is this worth it', and throw in my towel! Thanks for your kindness in replying. Regards Tina Pritchard.
George B.
27 Feb 2006 10:01PM

Tina, Could I suggest you update your Embody listing? Just click on the "Members Area" link on the left http://www.embodyprofessional.com/Members/ Listings that have some description ( About Us text ) have about 4 times as many vouchers issued as those that do not! You might like to offer a voucher discount too. Best wishes, George ( Embody Web Admin )
Edith Maskell
27 Feb 2006 10:49PM

Hi Tina Please don't feel so downhearted. There is lots of life out here. This is exactly why we have local co-ordinators - to be your support and get you in contact with others who may very weel feel just the same. Have you been in conctact with Pat Terry our co-ordinator support? PLEASE do contact her and she will direct you to the nearest group in your area. I will ask her to contact you with all her details and you can take it from there. Thank you for keeping in touch. We are here to support. Kindest regards Edith Maskell : Chair : Complementary Therapists Associaton
Jo Hammond
23 Apr 2006 6:02PM

There certainly is life out here Tina! We're all working hard and keeping our heads down though! Whereabouts are you in Leicestershire? I'm in Market Harborough and doing very well thank you. Haven't had to do much advertising as I don't want my business to be a full-time venture but the calls keep coming in! Drop us a line and we'll see if we can motivate you!?!?!? Jo Hammond
Tina Maria Pritchard
23 Apr 2006 10:32PM

Hi Jo Thanks for your reply, it's good to know that you are doing well in Market Harborough. I live just outside Loughborough. Clients are just trickling through at the moment, but I would like to be a little busier. Like yourself, I do not want to work full time but it would be nice to be in demand. Regards Tina
Gillian Kenyon
16 May 2008 3:55PM

HI I would love to hear from any therapists out there Please contact me via www.TheHClub.org.uk
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