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Posted by: Nicki Lee, 19 May 2006 12:18PM
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ITEC Massage course structure

I have been teaching privately and in FE, both qualification courses and CPD. I'm about to embark on something a bit different, though, which is offering ITEC Holistic Massage through a private college. When I studied originally, it was the FE course one night a week for about 9 months. This is not appropriate for the private work, and I can see there are several ways of doing it, and am hoping for some feedback on the pros and cons of the structure. As a student or a trainer, what did you think of one weekend a month? If so, how long were the days, and how many? I'm thinking 6 hours a day and 9 weekends, theory in the morning and practical in the afternoons, but would welcome feedback. What about other ways? Possibly one weekday fortnightly? Or any other combination? I'm very interested in hearing how others have structured this (but am not looking at an accelerated course where it's all finished in a couple of months). Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts. Nicki


Sue Rogers
19 May 2006 1:14PM

Hi Nicki This is just the situation that I think most of us find ourselves in when wanting to embark on another therapy yet with time committments of work and clients, often find a weekly course at college will fall on a night you have already allocated to something else. A weekend course offers sufficient time to get into the theory and plenty of practical work yet time in between to complete homework and practice. Usually with three hours at a college you are just getting into the work and it is time to pack away. Definitely would be interested to hear more. Good luck Sue Rogers
Tracy Allen
19 May 2006 8:33PM

Hi Nicki, I completed my ITEC Holistic Massage through a combination of distance learning on the A&P and 1 weekend a month which was mostly practical but towards exam time, provided good guidance help and support with revision etc. This worked well for the whole course and we all passed. I took this option as I was working full time and living in the Western Isles where there is not much provision for training. Hope that helps - best of luck! Regards Tracy
Brenda Nance
22 May 2006 9:25AM

Hi Nicki I undertook my ITEC Aromatherapy at a private college in exeter where we attended from 10am to 4.30 one weekday a fortnight. The course ran from September to May with time off at Easter, Christmas etc. This really worked for me as I could fit it round my work and it also gave time to do course work, case studies in between lessons and felt less pressured. Most of the girls on the course felt the same and there was always some flexibility for those with committments. Hope this helps Brenda
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