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Posted by: Angela Rawlins, 15 Jun 2007 4:47PM
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John Dent - Retirement

Is it true that John Dent has retired


John Dent
15 Jun 2007 8:53PM

Yes, indeed he is now well past the "Sell By Date" put on him in 1940. Formal annoucement is being made in the next newsletter with all details of succession. He is continuing in an advisory capacity and is representing CThA in the final stages of Regulation for the next 6 months. John Dent
Sam Bootle
16 Jun 2007 4:53PM

Can I ask where that leaves the CThA right now then? In the past few months, we've lost both John Dent and Edith Maskell. It is rather concerning. Sam. Norfolk Group Co-ordinator.
Angela Rawlins
20 Jun 2007 8:15PM

I'm wondering how many members are leaving the CThA? I've definitely had one and another is about to leave. There is a lot of dissatisfaction with not being imformed before the fact and lack of magazine issues. Some of my members are complaining that they haven't been getting their magazines.
John Dent
21 Jun 2007 9:23AM

Hi Angela, Actually we have now the lowest number of people leaving CThA annually than in all my time to date. In GCP and IGPP days there was usually a decline of 22-25% per annum: this has reduced to well below 12% in the past 2 years. On magasines we send to all members who have renewed or are about to do so. Those who have left it late are not on the mailing list but go back on when they do finally renew (some take up to 3 months.) Every issue we get well over 150 returned as "Gone away". Members are I am afraid rather slow to change their details on line or inform the office. You will see several initatives coming through shortly that Stephen Wright will announce. John Dent
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