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Posted by: Christine Gbolade, 24 Sep 2010 12:35AM
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Lambeth Vs U-recognised Therapist

Dear Reader/s, I am a part-time therapist and Like many other therapist wanting to grow develop and build their awareness of their treatments/services they offer I decided had to want to do a local festival "Stockwell Festival 25th Sept". Only to encounter an issue from Lambeth who told the event organiser that my application was not valid as my treatments were not fully recognised under there listings of treatments/exempt treatments. The pitch was £40 and to end the dispute they said I would have to pay £160 for a 1 day license on top of the pitch cost..??? This was unacceptable and ridiculous!!. I was completely furious as i am a member of CTHA and have a full qualification in Traditional Thai yoga massage which is recognised as well as have full insurance. There were also other therapist going through the same problem and in the end it was confirmed that we could all share the cost of £160. My share would have been £30 extra.. I really wanted to do this event this weekend to do it alone and get some business awareness...and have now brought my gazebo and printed heaps of flyers and vouchers "ready to go" even though had to pay extra. Only today very last minute the event organise receiver further feed back from Lambeth Health & Safety that I and some other therapist can not do the event and this was now final!! If this was confirmed 2 weeks ago then I could accept it .. but just two days before the event and they could not really give a good justification. I looked on the Lambeth website and they have CTHA as a listing under there recognised association. Really confused and PEED Off!! Especially as i have already done two events with this year in Lambeth through another clinic in Lambeth. The funny thing though i have to mention is that Lambeth council approached my clinic I also work part time in for Volunteers to massage their staff for one full day in November!! If anyone out there can give me some clarity or understanding of Local Boroughers Policy and procedures that would be ever so kind. Instead now I now will be going to Festival of Life which is a good event with interesting talks/seminars. Many thanks and appreciate any feedback. Warm blessings Christine


Angela Rawlins
24 Sep 2010 3:57PM

Christine Phone the CThA try and speak to Kush Kumar, see if he can do anything - so annoying, I would be livid! What about contacting a 'Thai Yoga Massage' training school or association
Christine Gbolade
26 Sep 2010 6:26PM

Hi Angela, I will contact Kumar and seek some guidance on this as I very much want to do events without any further bureaucratic problems from Lambeth Borough. Thank you for your response! Warm regards, Christine
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