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Posted by: Charlotte Rothwell, 22 Nov 2014 5:40PM
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Laundry arrangements

This might sound like a stupid question, but I'll ask anyway. For those of you who rent a room in a salon, phisio office etc, what are your laundry arrangements. Does the place you rent let you use their facilities included in the rent or do you use an outside laundry company or do you just take it home and do it, can't imagine doing the last one. Thanks everyone.


Catherine Hunt
27 Nov 2014 11:28AM

Hi Charlotte Not a stupid question. I do a combination depending on amount of laundry. I used a local company until recently even though I supplied liquid for them to use without brightening products, recommended not to use on fabrics I use, and to put through a hotter wash, the laundry started to smell oily. When I do it myself either at home or at the local laundry myself it never came back like that. So, although not ideal as you say, I've now found I'm doing it myself in smaller batches. Our set up is maybe smaller than yours and if you have lots then yes, I would say a professional service is idea. One of our practitioners works at a salon and they do it themselves instead of outsourcing. She hires a room there and I think it's all in the price she pays for the room. What's your question relating to? Are you being charged an extra fee for laundry? Ours was averaging out at about £15 a week for a large laundry bag's worth, which included bath sheets, towels and handtowel, sarongs and flannels. Hope that's helpful Catherine
Charlotte Rothwell
27 Nov 2014 2:37PM

Thanks for your reply. I'm don't have premises yet, but there a couple of places I've got my eye on. It'll be a couple of months until I'm ready to go in but I'm inexperienced and quite new to all of this so thanks again for replying, it gives me a bit more of an idea about how things might work. On websites and books and in my courses, there's lots of info about massage itself and marketing but very little advice when it comes to the day to day running of things. Thanks and all the best, Charlotte
Catherine Hunt
27 Nov 2014 4:09PM

I know, and it's sometimes the little things that can swing the difference. If you need any further help just ask, it's what the Association is all about, helping and supporting practitioners, whether newly qualified or veterans like me. I know too many practitioner's who have given up their practice because they couldn't make it work. Either too many hours and they half killed themselves running offers to get clients who then didn't want or couldn't pay full price, or working for companies only paying £7.00 an hour and expecting 35+ hours a week. It's too much. 5 a day 4 days a week - aim at 20 a week. Limit the amount you see and if you can't make ends meet, get a job that you can do alongside that doesn't take too much time, effort or energy away from what you really want to do. And believe. If you don't believe it's possible then you're probably right. Hope that helps Catherine
Charlotte Rothwell
27 Nov 2014 6:57PM

It helps a lot, much appreciated. And thanks for the tips. So glad I found this forum :)
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