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Posted by: Chris Plumtree (Web Administrator), 9 May 2008 2:54PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Leisure Medical

We have received an email from another therapist who is not a member of the CThA and wished to voice her views over this issue. I have read with great interest some of your posts relating to Leisure Medical. I am not a member of the Complementary Therapists Association, however I operate as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist in the London area and I have undergone the exact same experience as some of your members with regard to this company. I will shortly be starting legal action against LM and would be very interested in contacting your affected members so that we may perhaps combine our approach to put these rogue operators out of action. I would be incredibly grateful if you would forward this email to any of your members that might be interested in joining me. As I am sure is the case with your members I am an independent practicioner trying to develop small business where I can earn a living and help myr communities and those within then. As for myself I know that it is quite an isolated existence and I do feel that this renders us vulnerable to exploitation. I am a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists and also the General Hypnotherapy Register. I am contacting them both with my story so that they can warn other practicioners to avoid this type of advertising scam. Kind regards Eve Stanway (Swale) If you wish to contact Eve, please feel free to contact her having given us the ok to publish her email. eve.swale@ntlworld.com


Vikki Sivertsen
9 May 2008 5:20PM

I have had trouble with a company called MLP Media. They too are based in Chorley, Lancashire. I thought they were the same company as Leisure Medical, as there are many similarities with the problems. I contacted Trading Standards, who were very helpful. It maybe that somebody who used to work for LM left the company and set up MLP. Let me know if you would like more information.

9 May 2008 10:38PM

Hi I have also had problems with Leisure Medical. A salesman from this company came to visit me last year selling me 'space' in a doctors surgery appointment card. The man assured me that I would be the only 'Therapist' on the appointment card! Until of course I had paid the first instalment then I received in the post a copy of the appointment card given to patients in my local doctors surgery and to find my very small advertisement at the back of the card, with another therapist on the same card... I immediately contacted the company and refused to be pay anymore money and to be involved in their advertising. Several calls and no answers, they refuse to listen to me.. It's been a while since I have heard from them, until today when I received a final notice of monies outstanding! If you require any further information, I am interested in joining you against your discrepancy with this company as I have no intentions of paying any more monies... I look forward to hearing from you. My e-mail address is janet@kneadamassage.co.uk. Tel 07966-054017 Janet Pitcher
Melissa Barrenger
6 Nov 2008 8:34AM

Hurrah! At last, some fantastic news for all those decent, hard working people who have suffered at the hands of Leisure Medical! I have just had word from a solicitor who took Mr Fitzmaurice (Proprietor), of Leisure Medical to Court on Monday, and WON! The solicitor cross-examined Mr Fitzmaurice who refused to admit that offering non-existent exclusivity was a sharp business practice of theirs but the judge was more than satisfied that the exclusivity promise was misrepresentation made to induce the therapist into entering into the contract and that Leisure Medical could not rely on their clause 10 to avoid liability for this. Justice at last!
CThA Administrator
22 Feb 2011 12:08PM

A member of the public has emailed in to the CThA asking me to pass on their thanks to you for this forum thread: 'Hi I was seconds away from paying £1,000 to Liesure Medical UK until I stumbled across your forum: Please thank your members for alerting me to this 'Scam' by way of your forum. They have just saved us £1,000. Please would you add a reply on your board offering our thanks to your members for taking the time to post. Julian Walsh'
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