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Posted by: Christine Bailey, 9 Oct 2006 11:20PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Leisure Medical UK

Sadly I am left with a nasty taste in my mouth and have only my lack of experience to blame! Anyone who puts on the pressure and needs a quick response should be shown the door and told where to go. I have been given a curt reply from the Company that my contract did not offer exclusivity "see item number 10" in spite of what their representative told me. I should have written on the details agreed and got him to sign it as an Agent of the Company. They are not doing anything illegal - I have spoken to our legal helpline to check this out. However it is certainly morally reprehensible. Thank goodness I only signed up for a year. I am never going to deal with this company again. My feeling is they are using our EMBODY listings (and quite possibly other registers of professionals) to trawl for potential dummies ready to part with their hard-earned cash. DON'T DO IT!


Joyce Laurie
13 Oct 2006 7:16PM

That is just awful, you have my heartfelt sympathies. I have just opened my own Holistic Health Centre and am in Yellow Pages, have advertised locally in papers, posters up everywhere etc. While this has generated some new clients I have also been inundated with people trying to sell me...new power suppliers, watercoolers, subscriptions to charities, equipment etc etc. Luckily enough my sister in law had warned me to expect this so I cut them off pretty quickly, don't make any excuses, just tell them I am not interested, no more, no less. If they try to talk over me I just hang up. Haven't been contacted by LM yet but will definetly give 'em short shrift!! and will let them know that the word is out amongst us therapists. Like you say, they are doing nothing illegal, just sharp practice. Remember Karma...what goes around, comes around.
Christine Bailey
14 Oct 2006 12:52PM

Joyce - many thanks for your reply, and sensible advice from you about "saying NO" if it's something you don't want! I'm glad I have put the word out there about these people, and I agree with what you say about karma. I am sure that there are many of us out there who have learned our lessons the hard way, and there are also many who may have been happy with the adverts placed. Just the same it's a good thing to beware what you are buying into. We are a very large group with a loud voice and it's nice to have a place to be heard!
Heidi Mott
26 Nov 2006 9:08PM

Hi Christine, I too, unfortunately, have been duped by Leisure Medical. The representative that attended my home said I was the last person to be placed on an appointment card for a local doctors surgery and they were looking for ONE person from different fields of work. He too said I would be the ONLY complementary therapist and that no other CT had signed up for the card. When I eventually rec'd the card there were THREE of us on it! Upon speaking to the company and expressing my anger and total frustration at the fact that I had been told that I would be the only CT they were very quick to dismiss me and say that I was not promised exclusitivity and that their rep would never have promised that! I telephoned and spoke to the other CT's on the card and they too had been promised exclusitivity. I am going to speak to someone at Embody to request that they put a note in their Magazine to warn other Therapists and, hopefully, stop LM robbing money from anymore honest hardworking Therapists!
Christine Bailey
26 Nov 2006 10:55PM

Hi Heidi - so sorry to hear your story, believe every word and makes me sad that it goes on and on! I too have requested that EMBODY post warnings in their magazines and online as we are stronger when we all speak with one voice. I also wrote to local newspapapers, but none have yet taken up my tale. I'm sure this does not happen just with Therapists but to many businesses who are new to an area, Leisure Medical pick up on you as they know you are inexperienced. I also wrote to Leisure Medical and have not yet had the courtesy of a reply. Good Luck. Chris
Martin Feaver
27 Jan 2007 6:36PM

This company has been going for quite a while and I came across them several years ago and was uneasy then. Sadly two years ago I gave in and signed up with them. I too was assured that I would be the only personal trainer/therapist on the card and was the last person to sign up. It ended up costing me over £500. More please in the next copy of Embody and pass the word acround to everyone you know. Perhaps a good case for BBC's Watchdog?
Melissa Barrenger
29 Mar 2007 11:47AM

I have also had the extremely unfortunate experience of inviting these people into my home. I was promised time and again by their representative that I would be the only massage therapist on the local GP surgery's appointment card. This was his main selling point, along with "approx. 96% of people re-advertise with them" and that "the surgery have to give out an appointment card every time." I would not spend £450 on advertising unless I was going to be the only therapist on this card. Having not dealt with such types before, why would I doubt his word? When I realised I had been duped, I phoned the office and asked for an explanation. I was told that there was only one therapist on the card who did baby massage and that her time was up in August/September 2007. When I actually went to get an appointment card, there were two other therapists on there, who practised all sorts of therapies and they had only just signed up to it, so more lies even from the office. There are now 3 of us on the card and all of us had a similar experience. I have never had any explanation as to why the representative sold me a contract that does not actually exist. I hope nobody else has to go through this.
Christine Bailey
29 Mar 2007 5:57PM

Hi Melissa, Martin, Heidi and all other therapists out there trying to sort the wheat from the chaff! It's all still happening with the Leisure Medical weasels. I suggest if you come across any "sharp" practice from ANY company then send it to your local Trading Standards. Trading Standards can only take action once they have a certain number of complaints about the same specific company. We all need to speak up with ONE VOICE about this and we need our professional organisation to help us by publishing articles in our magazine listing these companies to name and shame them. Likewise, if you have been at the "thin end of the wedge" then take it to EMBODY, take it to your local newspapers, tell people you meet on courses, tell Trading Standards. We COULD take out a "class action" against these people. Sadly, as we all know, they just re-appear under a different name. Better to be suspicious than not! If you "Google" Leisure Medical they come up as "Car Boot Sale Organisers" - they are Del Boys, Market Barrow Boys, sharp as knives. The only way to put them out of business is not to give them any of your time in the first place. Do your research about advertising, ask other local therapists what has worked for them, ask your lecturers, check companies out on the internet, do NOT sign over your hard-earned cash to some man who turns up and can't come back some other time because he's in another part of the country tomorrow!
Christine Bailey
30 Mar 2007 5:35PM

Just to update those affected by this company, I have read through the website of the Office of Fair Trading and this method of selling advertising space has all the elements of a scam, same as phishing etc etc If you have been contacted by this company you can email scams@oft.gsi.gov.uk with the name of the company and any letters you may have sent in complaint. The more of us that do this the better, as there is a much higher likelihood of prosecution when there are more complaints. It won't get your money back but it might help you feel you are hitting them where it hurts!!
Dilshad Dewshi
23 Jun 2007 2:13AM

I have been a victim of Leisure Medical UK- for over a year now. I paid part of the money £117.50 and I found out that their advert was crap. I complained but they refused to refund my money but agreed to improve their artwork. I drafted my own advert. but they did not bother. I complaine about their poor quality of advert. I did not receive their proof of advert as they promised. Recently I received their letter asking me to pay the full fees or they will take me to the court. I have not replied to them. I have decided not to pay on grounds of their poor quality. They cheat most of Embody qualified therapist. I got another phonecall from the different doctors surgery to advertise with LM, I told them to get lost. Please please we need help and let us teach them a lesson to leave us alone.
Christine Bailey
26 Jun 2007 11:53AM

Sorry to hear another sad story. I understand that there is an article to be published soon and a notice to make new members/renewing members aware of these unscrupulous companies. I think you might well find yourself safe from the Courts though, I cannot believe this Company would put themselves under the spotlight. This is just another lesson to us all!
Martin Feaver
1 Jul 2007 6:16PM

Just to let you know Lesiure Medical are up to their old tricks and have approached me to advertise on their GP cards again! I told them where they could go. They seems to be making the pitch to the fitness industry rather than therapy industry this time. Please pass this warning onto others that you know or work with. Leisure Medical is not a company to deal with. They will cost you money for no benefit. Martin Feaver
Christine Bailey
6 Jul 2007 5:41PM

The story continues. I have received 2 phone calls today. These were both from members of FHT in Wales. This is not the only website being trawled for new targets for high-pressure selling tactics. This company does not hesitate to try and intimidate if you change your mind and cancel payments. However, I am told that there is a register you can send off for which will tell you whether they have actually taken anyone to the small claims court, which is what they threaten. It might be helpful for all of us to realise that our rights as a small business are not the same as our rights as a consumer. We do not get a cooling-off period. Once you sign on the dotted line, that's it! If you are approached by phone, by a company you do not know, and if at any time you feel uncomfortable, just say you have changed your mind and do not wish to advertise. They may say you have wasted their time or that you have been unfair but it is YOUR money they are after! Please, PLEASE pass the word around and stop our new members being left with the feeling they've "been had".
Anne Hamilton
7 Aug 2007 2:50PM

Sorry to say that I too have been a victim of this company's sharp practice/scam. It's a long story (aren't they always!) but the following is worth reading if you ever come across this company Leisure Medical: After nearly 7 months without a single response I called the health centre that were supposed to be handing out appointment cards (with mine and 7 other practitioners adverts on) to every patient. Firstly, they had never seen or heard anything about these cards, and the practice manager told me they would never have been allowed to have these type of cards because they are an NHS clinic! Then it transpired that the cards had been printed with only one doctor's name on them - and as he was a consultant - they more-or-less washed their hands of the whole matter, telling me it was up to him what he did. I asked for his number but they wouldn't give it to me and said he'd call me about the situation - he never did. I then received a call from LM saying that the health centre had called to say an angry advertiser was complaining about their company - too right I was - particularly after I had contacted a few of the other unfortunate advertisers who all confirmed they had never received a single response to their ads - and they had no idea that the cards were only for one particular doctor. I now know these cards have never even been handed out by, or to, anyone at the clinic. Fortunately, due Leisure Medical's incompetence, most of my direct debits were never taken, so I only paid a percentage of the hundreds of pounds they wanted for this tiny advert. They have now sent me a letter threatening to take me to court if I don't pay them the rest of the money! After writing this, I will be sending LM a letter telling them to 'get lost' and also to inform them that it is I who will be taking them to court to claim back the money I have paid them. I will, of course, be mentioning all the posts that are on the EMBODY website!

26 Oct 2007 10:34AM

Hi, I'm sorry to say that my son who is a massage therapist has signed up with this company. We are now in dispute with them. Could I ask Dilshad Dewshi if anything has come of you not paying up, have they decided on court proceedings? I hope not. I'm a reflexologist and have been approached by them, or similar, in the past and have not agreed to advertising.
Christine Bailey
26 Oct 2007 4:44PM

Hello All - I have been contacted by someone who is actually taking Leisure Medical to court. I have agreed to provide a statement if necessary. I will do my best to get the outcome posted into the Forum by someone else as my registration with Embody expires shortly. I wish you all many regular fee-paying clients and no sneaky advertisers!
Martin Feaver
26 Oct 2007 6:04PM

I too have been contacted by the lady taking LM to court. Incredibly I was approached by Leisure Medical again recently and asked if I would be interested in advertising with them. I decided to play them at their own game. Arranged an appointment and they turned up. I let the salesman go through his routine - it was the same as I remembered from 4 years ago. I checked through the contract and then asked if I could approach any of the previous advertisers - he agreed I could and took their details down. He assured me there would only be one type of the business I was in on the card, 87% of previous advertisers renewed and the cost was 3 payments of £157 for two years. It is still the same. When he asked if I was interested, I came clean and told him that this was simply a scam. No cards were ever produced, the medical centre had no knowledge of the company, the samples were just that and remained samples. he seemed surprised especially as Lesiure Medical had been given permission by the governing bodies of therapy organisations to use their data base. I told him it was rubbish - they got the names from searching the Embody site, they bascially were con men. He claimed he didn't know about any of the grievances I raised. He left and I was fuming that they were still trying the same old scheme. Can't we do more, isn't it illegal? Tell your friends, buisness colleagues, people at confernces and courses. These weasels must be stopped -they are living off the backs of people that care. Martin
Erica Longdon
3 Nov 2009 10:25PM

Hi I've just fallen for the Leisure Medical scam. They sold me advertising for a surgery that sounded very similar to my local one, but is, in fact, miles away. I failed to spot the chance in the name from Grove Green, to Grove Park. They've had 149.50 from me. I've managed to block them from getting more. I don't think I have any hope of getting my money back. I can only post another warning on here to save anyone else from getting scammed by them. Caveat emptor. Erica
Michelle Carol Edwards
29 Apr 2010 8:02AM

michelle carol edwards i AM A therapist and struggle to find work sinc e i passed. then out the blew a woman Samnatha Riley from Leisure Medical called me several times to tell me about this opportunity. place buisness cards in local surgery. All sounds good! Arhh! A sale mand DEAN O'MALLEY SALES EXCECUTIVE visited me 26th april 2010. Cost £595 approx for two years, pay monthly £195 x 3months. I never had this kind of money. I said to give me a week while i check my finance out. He gave me pressure and got upset when i didn't pay sign up then. Them we exchanged texts each time he seemed to be a BULLY. i SAID i WAS WORKING LATE but i could come to his hotel and sign the contract. Then he text with another offer which was high. I text and said prices keep changing and wanted to keep to the original price per month. He was not happy with next in the next text. Very demanding. CHA I won't be signing up with him as all he wants is MY MONEY! I thought it be a chance to get my buisness of the ground as i have had no luck in getting clients or getting work. No garantee it will work just money down the drain. Any suggestions how to gain clients? michelle edwards london se5 8ay 07932817332 michellebarltrop@yahoo.co.uk thursday 29th april 2010
Vanessa Pickett
7 Jul 2010 12:38PM

I had a phone call this morning from Leisure Medical, had no idea who they were or how they got my details so I asked. They state they are looking for advertisers to go on appointment cards for the local GP surgery and they got my details from the Embody website. They also stated that if I go ahead with the advert I will be the only therapist from the local area, so I agreed to have a rep meet me to go through details etc tomorrow, great way to drum up business I thought. Anyway I trust my gut instincts and something was not sitting right with me. So an hour or so later I turned on the computer and googled LM and low and behold up comes CTha's thread on them!! Sure to say I have just phoned LM and cancelled the apppointment and wont be in dealings with them again. Thanks to all on the thread who have opened my eyes to this, yours gratefully Vanessa
figures FIG
16 Mar 2011 3:42PM

Hi I just wanted to add my complaint to your forum about the dreadful Leisure medical company selling advertising space on the doctor surgery cards Beware this company using sly tactics to get you to sign you into a two year contract Please do not use this company as I was tricked and now they want £500 out of me for some awful advert and when I rang to explain that I would never agreed to it they was really unhelpful and told me they would take me to court I had paid up front for the advert which I was made to believe was a one off payment now they are asking for instalments wouldn't had been so bad if I had got some response from the advert but I haven't and they are refusing to cancel saying I agreed to a instalment plan which is strange as they do not have my details of a standing order so I am now receiving nasty letters Jacqui Marola JAM
CThA Administrator
25 Jun 2012 10:49AM

Posted on behalf of a third party by the CThA: My colleague a hypnotherapist, and myself a Kinesiologist, both living Cheshire, have been miss-sold separate contracts by Leisure Medical. All the comments from your previous posts apply to us. We have both been caused financial hardship by the money they have taken from us. Trading Standards, and the Office of Fair Trading do not seem to want to help us so far. Please could you let others know that they are still at this game in 2012, and thank you for the blog page, it helps to know we are not alone.
Suzie Michelle
5 Jul 2013 3:36PM

I too was conned by Leisure Medical, It was october 2012, the sales rep told me it was a two year contract for £300 but I only had to pay £100 in instalments over the two years so plenty of time. It was coming up to Xmas, money very tight, but I thought it was a good deal and stupidly did not look at the terms of the contract, he was a convincing salesman. I paid the £100 and signed the contract. Then my bank contacted me, they had tried to take £100 on 24/10, £214 on 21/12 and £264 on 21/12/2013. The salesman did not inform me of paying for the artwork on top, nor the payments one after the other, nor they tie you automatically in for a third year and the only way to cancel is a letter by recorded delivery by a certain date or you have no choice and have to pay all over again. I wrote and complained and the artwork payments were voided. I wrote the letter by recorded delivery to cancel the third year. But everyone beware! I have had not even one enquiry, it is a complete waste of valuable money. I spoke to Citizens advice and they said there may be a chance of compensation and that I had to write to the company again, I did and they have refused. This company must be stopped, it is disgraceful!
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