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Posted by: Claire Zarb, 1 May 2012 6:17PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Leisure Medical UK - can anyone help me with this?

I recently signed up with Leisure Medical UK Ltd and bought some advertising space which will go on the back of some appointment cards at a Doctor's surgery in Battersea. I've handed over £100 and have two more installments of £100 to give for 24 months worth of advertising. Does anyone have any direct experience with this company (good or bad!) and can give me some advice as I've seen rather a lot of negative press about them online and now not sure what to do! I could bypass the £100 if it means not having to spend more, but the thought of giving my full £300 up for getting nothing(?) in return doesn't make me feel good. I spoke to the Doctor's surgery and they said they hadn't had any appointment cards from Leisure Medical in months and were using another company. I spoke to the rep Tony about this and he said he was dumbfounded and would get back to me. Does anyone know what my rights are in regards to not paying or breaking the contract? Do I need to?! Thanks so much. Claire 07582 269 569 claire@happyhomeopathy.co.uk


Giuseppe Tomaselli
1 May 2012 6:30PM

I would advise everybody not to get involved with these type of companies. Often they will take your money but you will noit see any advertising. If a doctor's surgery wants to advbertise your services, will be because you have contacted them and agreed to pay part of the printing costs of their cards. Go to a CAB for futher information on what you can do and ask the rep Tony, to submit proof of previously published cards where you can contact the surgery for testimonials. Good luck Giuseppe
Nicki Lee
1 May 2012 7:17PM

Hi, I can't comment on Leisure Medical in particular, but for many years there have been companies taking money for advertising in doctors offices and it usually doesn't happen at all, or very few cards seem to go out, and they don't seem to appear in patient areas. I wouldn't make the investment. But as you've started, you could ask your rep for a list of offices they put their cards, and then contact the surgeries and ask, or better, go there and see if the cards are easily available. If not you may have a good claim for breaking the contract and maybe getting a refund (well, you could try). I'm not sure, because I've never had to use it, but you might check and see if there is legal advice as part of your CThA membership and/or insurance. Also, sometimes household insurance has legal advice as part of the package, and you can sometimes get at least a free phone consultation and advice. Otherwise, I've used CAB in the past for personal things and they've been great - I don't know if they help with business advice or not. Good luck!!!! Nicki
Victoria Page
1 May 2012 10:51PM

I remember them only too well. In the early days when I didn't realise there were companies like this out there. Can't remember how much I paid (a lot and way too much) but it was for the appointment card advertising and I didn't get a thing from it. I did ring the dr's surgery one day to speak to the practice manager and she didn't know what I was talking about. My suggestion would be to go to the surgery they're supposed to be advertising you with and tell them what you've paid for, do they use this company or better still show them the sample (you should have been sent a proof)and see if they recognise/use it. Good luck. Victoria
Jane Hopwood
2 May 2012 6:00AM

Is it to go an appointment card at one particular surgery? I know these appointments cards were used by doctor's surgeries but now most give you a computer print out instead. You have checked with the surgery involved and they obviously don't use them. Ring the Company and ask what was the surgery's response to their phone call. This is your opportunity to cancel your contract - take legal advice first - and get your first instalment back. I would not pay any more money as I have heard that some advertising companies have forced doctor's surgeries into two year contracts to order the cards and there is often a dispute going between them. You are a third party to that agreement but may not be able to do anything if the cards are produced but the surgery does not use them. Get out fast. Hope this helps. Jane
Angela Rawlins
2 May 2012 12:12PM

Hi Claire Oh dear:( I haven't heard anything good about this company it is very similar to the company I got caught up with. I ended up paying out a lot of money for 2yrs has been lots of posts in the forums about these companies for quite a long time. I think if you google, you'll find out more also. Did you get a hard sell? I'm only in the area for one day etc? Unfortunately I don't think there is a cooling off period, you pays your money etc.......... Mind you, go down to the doctors surgery and make sure that they have got appointment cards that they are giving out to patients on a regular basis. You may well find that this is a free service this company do for them and you are paying for the advertising. If the practice does not give them out or as it may be, they are not bothered much - I'd try sending them a letter saying your disagreements and say you'd like to cancel. Worth trying OR I'd go to the citizens advice or trading standards, probably the latter first. I was really irked, so went down to the doctors concerned after about 18 months, as I didn't know to do this. Found that they'd run out and weren't planning to get any more any time soon because one of the doctors was changing!! I told the practice manager who was quite shocked how much I was paying etc AND they never liked the bloke!! I found out very soon after I paid up front from another colleague that this didn't work and she phoned some of the people on the cards/practice booklets to find out how much business they'd had - zilch. PLEASE tell the CThA.
Claire Zarb
2 May 2012 12:34PM

Thanks so much for all your replies. It doesn't look good! Technically they have breached the contract on 2 counts: that the surgery where they will be posting the adverts doesn't have any appointment cards from the company and hasn't had in a long while. The person I spoke to is not aware of a renewal of contract either and said at the moment they have lots of appointment cards from another supplier. Also, they told me that the full cost would be £300 but from further inspection of the contract it appears I have to pay £95 + Vat for artwork (which I was told I need to design and supply myself!) so not sure what this extra payment is for but highlights it's a scam. I will send them a letter pointing out my issues and that I require my £100 back and no further payments will be sent from me. I hope this goes in some way to educate others to be wary of these companies, it has certainly educated me!!
Angela Rawlins
2 May 2012 12:53PM

Go to Trading Standards or even the police - fraud comes to mind
Angelina Kelly
2 May 2012 7:48PM

Hi Claire, I've not dealt with this company directly but have had a similar experience with a similar company. Like you I handed over a lot of money and got absolutely nothing back. I eventually got on to the company and told them that I would not be renewing my contract and that I would not recommend them to my colleagues. It would appear that this type of advertising just does not work not matter how convincing the salesman is. Sorry to hear that you are these having problems it once again highlights just how hard it is for us to attract clients. From experience I find the best form of advertising is to send birthday,Christmas, Easter, Anniversary cards to the clients I have, they seem to appreciate the thought and effort and tend to come back and refer their family and friends. I also send out my clinic leaflet to everyone once a year just to remind them that I'm still in business, although this can be costly in terms of printing (I do my own) and postage it usually brings in twice as much as I spent on sending it out. Angelina Kelly
Angela Rawlins
3 May 2012 10:17AM

Angelina that's a smashing idea:)
Angelina Kelly
12 May 2012 9:47AM

Glad to have been of help Angelina
CThA Administrator
3 Oct 2012 12:56PM

THE MESSAGE BELOW HAS BEEN POSTED ON BEHALF OF A THIRD PARTY. Hi, I'm not a member so can you put up this additional information. 01257 277 700 is the new number for D 4 You Services at unit 2, Clarence st Industrial estate, Chorley. They were MLP Media Ltd of Pall Mall Chorley, Still run by Mr Martin T England Do a search on either of these. Lot of companies doing same work, all the ones you should be wary of are in Chorley. They are not linked. Leisure Medical, Surgeries Online Cas Media Impact Publications D 4 You Services (MLP media Ltd, Not same name but all people are same) D 4 You is taking lots of money and only printing less than 5% of sites sold if that. Yes they all have contracts with the sites they sell, its whether they print the things you have paid for that is the real issue.
Jane Hopwood
3 Oct 2012 6:41PM

Hi - please see my earlier reply. Stay well clear of these medical advertising companies. Most doctor practices are trying to get out of their contracts, they have been dupped as well as the advertisers. The doctors use printed appointments for efficiency and time now. They are also in two year contracts which they don't want to be in. I have spoken to a lot of surgeries in my area and most will not touch these companies now as they appreciate the bad practice these advertising agencies are using. They don't know what the advertisers are getting charged, they only know they get the appointment cards for a greatly reduced price or even free. They are now much wiser also and as one practice said "we won't touch anyone like this now for cards, calandars or anything! Jane
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