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Posted by: Rachael Robertson, 31 Mar 2010 3:03PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Letter after your name?

Hi, I am just looking into some marketing tools to advertise myself and thought it would be right to put letter after my name, (as it looks pretty professional), real letters i mean, not made up ones :o) So, i need help please. I understand you can put MCThA (is that right?) and i have a PDA in reflexology, so is there letters i can put for that? Any information would be great. Thanks rach


Angela Rawlins
31 Mar 2010 7:28PM

Hi Rachel Yes you can use MCThA but I'm not sure what your 'DPA' in Reflexology means. I've ITEC in Anat & Phys also Reflexology. regards Angela
Mai Brain
3 Apr 2010 9:43PM

Hi Rachael, I have used CthA and Dip ITEC Dip VTCT after my name as I have diplomas with ITEC and VTCT, I can't remember whether the college told me or whether it was on a letter with my diplomas but I am sure that is OK. Best of luck Mai.
Rachael Robertson
6 Apr 2010 8:50PM

Thanks everyone for your posts. I'm going to go with MCThA ITEC and that should do me i think. very fancy having letter after your name, but we worked hard for it, so i think we deserve a few extra.... :o) xx
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