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Posted by: Sarah Chandler, 11 Jul 2014 1:08PM
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Licence to Massage - Kingston

I recently applied for an adhoc job in a Salon on Kingston and was informed that I needed a Licence to Massage in Kingston. Has anyone come across this before - I know if you are a member of CThA you dont need a licence for massaging in Central London. I have already contacted CThA and was advised to email over the application form which I have done but I havent heard anything back from them. thanks for your comments in anticipation


Chhaya Shah
11 Jul 2014 4:15PM

Hiya You normally have to get an licence application form from the council and send it in with all your insurance and membership details and possibly qualifications. I had to do this for Richmond and Wandsworth and they keep this for a year before you need to re-apply Kind regards Chhaya www.soothingtouchacademy.co.uk
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