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Posted by: Cristina Rodriguez Valle, 28 Dec 2018 9:34PM
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Hi, Does anyone know if we have to apply for a massage Therapist's license from the Council in order to be able to work from home? I work part time from home and when I called the council 4 years ago it wasn't needed but today I read on the government website that we may need it. Thanks


Grace Boateng
20 Jan 2019 5:45PM

it can vary for each council. Have a look on your local council website. It will be a special treatment licence however being a member of CTha means that you are exempt from needing to apply for a licence.
Ameer Rasheed
4 Mar 2019 3:35PM

Hi Christina, just to add to Grace's reply - for me - although my memberships and qualifications mean I am exempt from any fees, I still have to apply and display the licence - annually. I am in Haringey, London. I argued with the council with reference to the regulations and the like, but as you can imagine, they would not back down. I had to pay for a pointless electricity certificate too, which still hurts! Good luck, Ameer
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