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Posted by: Ann Mackintosh, 1 Jun 2005 3:24PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Links and CPD points

On the old IGPP site there used to be a link to a therapist magazine which you could read online. I found this to be very useful and informative. The embody site does not have this link. Can you tell me if it will be re-introduced? Also it was really helpful on the old site to be able to go into your personal cpd credits information. The embody site doesnt have this. mackann1@aol.com


George B.
1 Jun 2005 4:34PM

Ann, I believe the website with magazines was http://www.positivehealth.com We may have some links in future, are there any other related sites that you find particularly useful? The CPD points question is more tricky. The problem is that only a very small minority of members used the online CPD points feature, so it did not seem to be worthwhile maintaining. Nevertheless, I have written some code for it, so it may yet be making a come-back in the near future! Best regards, George ( Embody Web Admin )
Rosemary Johnson
9 Jun 2005 6:52PM

Hi. I'd have loved to be able to look up, check and input my cpd stuff online. Unfortunately, the old igpp site's members section wasn't accessible to me, so I couldn't. (I'm partially-sighted and using text-only equipment and the login page(s) didn't work on my accessible equipment.) I do hope this is now fixed (if anyone's reading this, that's an advance) and the cpd will be there agin. Rosemary
George B.
10 Jun 2005 6:52AM

Rosemary, I hope the new site works properly in text only mode, it should. Please do let me know if you have any problems ( clearly you managed to post this message, so the login etc. is no problem ). Note that the site allows text to be resized, for example use View / text Size / Largest on Internet Explorer. See My Cpd Points to access your CPD record ( I have just implemented this today). Best wishes, George Barwood
Nicola Wilson
20 Jun 2005 1:34PM

I loved the Healing Points Magazine I used to get on a quarterly basis (I think quarterly) which was posted out with IGPP magazine but I think it has ben withdrawn now. I have still kept the Healing Points magazine as there is some very interesting editorials. I will try and see if this is still getting published. Nicola
Rosemary Johnson
20 Jun 2005 11:19PM

Hallo George, I found the "My CPD" section a few days ago. I haven't filled it in yet, as I didn't have the list to hand. I'll print the file out and come back to it imminently. The log in seems to work fine here - th eonly trouble now is remembering my membership number and password. Thanks for getting that all up and running for us. NOw I am going to have to try and remember how long some of the seminars/demonstartions etc on my list were - and find out whether they'll only give me three-quarters of the points if I could only be in the room for three-quarters of each while the reest was inaccessible! Rosemary
Jacqueline Goodey
16 Aug 2005 9:13AM

Re input of CPD points. I have been trying to update my CPD points for this year and was only able to input 2 of the 3 couses I have attended this year. I get an error when "submitting" the 3rd course. Also it would be very useful if the description of the CPD training was shown, rather then the type (e.g. "Business Planning Workshops" rather than "Other: add desc"). Alos there are several options of "Additional Qualification - xxx". Could you please add one for Sports Massage. Cheers, Jacqui Goodey
Rosemary Johnson
11 Sep 2005 9:43PM

Hall again George, I've just been trying to add on my latest CPD points. It seemed to add them to the list (after I'd done it wrong the first couple of times). I'm still not sure I've done it right - so if someone there in the know wants to check, I'd be delighted. Suggestion: it would be really helpful to have a link from the page where you put the details in to a page with info on the scoring system (ie how many points do I get for a course of this length, etc). Is this possible? I'm also not clear how one goes about amending an item once you've put it in, either if you realise you've made a mistake, or if you want to add more (a follow-on course, more reading/private study, givin g your lecture again). Rosemary
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