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Posted by: Alice Irving, 2 Jun 2009 10:28AM
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location - working from home

hi! househunting AND setting up in business at the moment (holistic massage). I'm going to work from home, converting one room into a therapy room. We have seen houses near the centre of a small market town, and 2-4 miles out of town in villages. Worried that I won't get any business if we live out of town. I only plan to work 2 days a week/around 8 treatments a week maximum. Do I need to worry? Will it take longer to build the business up if I'm out of town? Obviously either way will advertise in town.... I would really appreciate some input from other people who are working from home in rural areas. Thanks in advance!!!! Alice


Angela Rawlins
2 Jun 2009 3:49PM

Hi Alice I live 3-4 miles out of my town, Wokingham. I do get clients here but there are establishments in town and I think they may be better off in some ways. The good thing here is that it is quiet and no traffic noise. I friend of mine commented on how noisy one particular therapy place was as theroom over looked the road. Try and do some canvassing in your town, perhaps get a room for a short period if business doesn't get going quickly enough:)) Angela
Julie Egginton
9 Jul 2009 11:31AM

Hi Alice, Although I do not live/work in a rural location, I am into marketing and would make the following comments. Location will be down to the types of clients you see your treatments attracting, the environment they would be looking for, how convenient it would be to get there (and park) & how location/treatment would fit into their lifestyles. Advertising & promotions can be strong tools to draw people to any location. Bearing in mind it will be your home 7 days a week as well as a business 2 days a week, you also need to consider what area you would like to live in as this may have an impact on you as a therapist. Hope this helps and good luck. :) Julie
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