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Posted by: Catherine Hunt, 15 Nov 2012 2:52PM
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Lomi Lomi Massage Training Recommendations Wanted

Hi there I keep hearing about Lomi Lomi and would like to know who offers trainings and if anyone has any recommendations for training providers. Many thanks Catherine


Amy Law
15 Nov 2012 3:19PM

Hi Catherine, I was trained in Lomilomi with a great teacher Carrie Rowell in Glastonbury. She has just returned to Hawaii this Tuesday but will return to the UK to teach in summer 2013. She has built a lovely lomilomi community and lots of her students have met up with her (including myself last weekend) for a catch up & some bodywork playtime. Her teaching of lomi is combination of various style such as Kahuna and Temple style. You will find on the internet there are several styles of lomilomi. Personally I love lomilomi as it's part energy work as well massage and it's what most of my clients book in for. Her website: www.carrierowell.com Hope this helps. Love, light & blessings, Amy
Catherine Hunt
14 Jan 2013 12:29PM

Thanks Amy, I've sent her an email asking for details. Catherine
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