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Posted by: Roxanne Degarie, 7 Feb 2011 10:34AM
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Looking for a palliative/hospice workshop for therapist

Hi! I start very soon as a volunteer massage therapist in an hospice for people with cancer. Is there any workshop/course which could help me to work in this new environment for me? Thank you very much!


Liz Phillips
7 Feb 2011 4:32PM

Hello Roxanne, Good luck with that, penny brohn cancer centre do very good workshops for therapists working in cancer care. It is near Bristol they have a website with all the info. Regards Liz
Angelina Kelly
8 Feb 2011 10:44AM

Hi Roxanne, Most hospice have their own education centre where they train their staff to their own standards, check with your one if they do inhouse training, I'm sure they do. Good luck with your work, as a cancer survivor and therapist I know only too well the value of the work that you are about to undertake. One word of advice though - detach emotionally from the people you will be working with right from the start this will allow you to really be of benefit to them without burning yourself out. It is a very hard thing to do but absolutely essential for both them and you. In effect you have to be emotionally cold yet deeply compassionate. It's tough, but necessary. Good luck, best wishes, your wings are in the post!!!! Angelina Kelly
Roxanne Degarie
8 Feb 2011 10:15PM

thank you very much for your advices. Greatly appreciated.
Lorraine Murray
16 Feb 2011 4:39PM

Gayle McDonald also does courses for massage and working with cancer Lorraine www.ilovefgt.com
Caroline Dapre
13 Apr 2011 7:54PM

The London Massage Company are running a 1 day workshop "Massage in Hospitals" on 29th June in London. http://www.thelondonmassagecompany.com/workshop18 Caroline
Roxanne Degarie
13 Apr 2011 10:52PM

Thank you. I did a workshop at Morley College which was good.
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