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Posted by: Judith Quin, 13 Sep 2012 3:08PM
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LUPUS Client Enquiry -

Hi Does anyone have a client with Lupus? I've had and enquiry from a lady and done a little googling on the subject, but was wondering if anyone out there is treating someone and how it's working. From what I can glean a gentle treatment rather than anything deep tissue would be best and it would appear that the methotrexate she is taking is not in itself a contraindication. Obviously, it would be a matter of fitting the treatment to the client and I have already advised her that she may want to confirm with her GP. Thanks! Judithx


Angelina Kelly
17 Sep 2012 11:58AM

Hi Judith, When treating a client with Lupus the GP and any other doctors will have to be informed, that's for starters. Although metotrexate is not contraindicated in itself, it will make your client extremely sensitive to any and all kinds of body work therefore an extremely gentle touch by you is all that your client will be able for. Whatever you do for your client will be an enormous help in providing quality of life and will help cope with the condition and its treatment. Trust your instinct and use the same touch you would use on a new born baby. Hope this helps. Angelina Kelly
Judith Quin
17 Sep 2012 12:52PM

Thanks very much Angelina - I had wondered about that and have told the lady that if she wants to proceed with treatment to check with/inform her GP or any other practitioner. I've been thinking if she comes back to me that I would suggest a very gentle holistic treatment to include sonic massage. It's great to have that confirmed. Blessings Judith
Angelina Kelly
17 Sep 2012 5:23PM

Hi Judith, Delighted to have been of help. Although we know what we are doing, it is always reassuring to get confirmation from our colleagues in those moments when we doubt ourselves. The best advice really is, err on the side of caution and always send your clients back to their doctors. Unfortunately a lot of the time we loose clients by doing so but we can reassure ourselves that it is better to loose a client because we redirected them to their doctor rather than loose them because we deceived them. In this business it is too easy to take advantage of people, especially when they are desperate for healing, it is also too easy for us to be taken advantage of because people perceive us to be doing "God's Work". By erring on the side of caution we are protecting both ourselves and our clients and, more importantly, we are developing "street cred", this may not pay the bills but it improves our reputation as healers. Good luck in your work. Godspeed Angelina
Hilary John
23 Oct 2012 9:04PM

Hello I really dont know if this will help but i have a client with Lupus and she is a very good friend of mine as well - i actually wrote a brief case study on her because of the condition and found it to be quite interesting. Obviously i agree with the above that permission from a Dr best but as well as that i found the following information to be really helpful... There are five types of lupus, each with differing symptoms and severity. These are systemic, discoid/cutaneous, subacute cutaneous, drug-induced systemic, and neonatal. my client suffers from Systemic Lupus. Massage therapy is believed to have the following benefits: Physical relaxation Emotional relaxation Improved blood circulation Improved lymphatic system circulation Decrease in nerve irritation Increases fresh oxygen to tissues in need Increases nutrients to tissues in need Lowers production of stress hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine Increases endorphins to decrease pain Increases mood-altering hormone serotonin After lots of research and discussion with the patient we found that deep tissue massage can exacerbate lupus. For these and other reasons, I always take the massage very slowly and carefully and I have asked my client to fill in a disclaimer form. My client has found her course of massages very bennificial to her - i think mainly on an emotional level and for relaxation - she can get quite down because of the illness so to have a treat and something to look forward to is always a winner! I dont know if this helps.. and im sure your initial post was ages ago but its nice to see that other people have the same kind of questions i do about things :-) x
Judith Quin
23 Oct 2012 10:13PM

Thank you so much - I have not heard again from the lady who made the enquiry, but I will send the salient information from your case study to her and if she feels it is right then I am now confident that with some gentle work I may be able to assist, if nothing else, then with releasing the emotional elements around it. Blessings to you Judith
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