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Posted by: Rose Ann Green, 31 Mar 2006 6:21PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Make up Brand Eddie Funkhouser

Hi has anybody heard of this American brand? I have been approached to take this into my business and I am just trying to do a bit of research, so any info would be appreciated. Thank You


Frances Charles Luckit
15 May 2006 8:43PM

This is part of the AMWAY network marketing system. I know little about the brand - usually the products and partner firms affiliated to amway are very good. However, you need to be very cautious about signing up to the teaching and training organisation. They are usually very keen to get you to buy tickets for "functions", training events etc, and also to purchase tapes, books and marketing material. This can get very expensive. I was a distributor for several years, and I gave up in the end because all my profits were swallowed up in this way. However, if you can ensure that you will be able to sell the products and keep the profit, and not get sucked in to the "system", it is possible that you might be able to expand your existing business. I would say, look into it, but proceed with extreme caution.
Rose Ann Green
17 May 2006 5:19PM

Thanks for your advise, I can remember Amway as a MLM company, so I think I will give them a wide berth.
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