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Posted by: Elizabeth Farrow, 10 Oct 2006 4:45PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Marketing is a qualification and skill in itself, many good therapists fall by the way side or never reach their earning potential because of poor business knowledge, marketing and promotional skills irrespective of the quality of their professional work. Colleges do offer courses especially designed to facilitate effective marketing for examply ONC and HND in business studies and I understand www.sagestart.co.uk offers a simple book keeping programme with on line support in business strategies especially designed for the small business. Forums are a good idea, and one of the ways I work, however consideration needs to be given to those therapists invovled in exactly the same type of services within a small geographical area as you will find yourself competing against your collegeaues. I work in a collegial way with allied health care professionals, which enables me to signpost and refer clients/patients appropriately, with little immediate competition. Competition is healthy and there is room for all therapists, but I think it is about finding a specialism or a uniqueness, which will prove to be successful. There is always scope for diversity and difference, which is the key to any business. Elizabeth Farrow Colorpurple liz.farrow.cpt@btinternet.com
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